Playing as Genis, strats? :3

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User Info: RaRaille

8 years ago#1
Hiya guys, playing through Tales of Symphonia again after years, picked it up on day 1 and beat it back in the day but I remember very little.

I wanna play as Genis and cast spells from afar, is this a horrible plan?

What are some good strats to set up for my party members individually?

Also, can I not make a formation yet at the beginning of the game?

My used eBay copy didn't come with a manual lol :<


User Info: Staplersan

8 years ago#2
Spellcasters are generally not suited for human play.

User Info: caleb723

8 years ago#3
Well, if you actually want to play as Genis, you'll probably be subbing Kratos and Colette in and out, depending upon the battle before you. Unless you have EX Skills traded over and you have Concentrate on Raine, Genis, or Kratos (I run it on all three of them. <_<) then you must have Lloyd on your team to prevent enemies from easily ganging you and preventing spellcasting. Colette attacks too slow and staggers too easily to manage more than one, two people at most.

Here's what I use: (in no particular order)

- Attack Close
-Retain / At Once (At once typically for bosses, and I use Retain to cut down on usage of Orange Gels)
- Don't Pursue

- Protect Friend
- Save / At Once (see Colette's explanation)
- Frontlines

- Protect Friend
- Save / Heal
- Don't Pursue / Skills/Magic (if you're up against a boss, I turn Skills on so he focuses on healing)

- Reduce
- Heal
- Long Range

- Scatter
- Save / At Once
- Long Range

This is only covering up until you get Sheena, where things get much easier because of a reliable melee fighter not named Lloyd.

Of course, this is also going off the notion that I'm playing as Lloyd, so I can manage having this many people with spellcaster behavior. Making Lloyd a computer character is a bit of a gamble, but it takes guts, and I like that. I'm not sure how much help this will be, but I did my best. Also, if what I said is wrong, please, someone correct me. I don't want to be giving false information.
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User Info: RaRaille

8 years ago#4
Thank you.

I guess I would be more useful playing a close range character rather than Genis, but I just sort of think magic casting characters are cool.

I also played Rita the entire time in Vesperia, but she was kind of overpowered... =P

Does Genis get any support magic?

Also, thanks for the recommendations.

User Info: Inuyashafan6o48

8 years ago#5
Get Rhythm, use Eternal (EX Skill 3), kiss your thumb good bye. If you feel lucky, use Randomizer (I'm fairly lucky with it. I generally end up with 3-4 insta-cast spells in Boss battles)

Go T route (I think that's it...whichever ended up with massive hybrid spells. I don't know why, but those seem to be some of the best spells IMO (Absolute = Awesome. Freeze Lancer fairly useful, Flame Lance is great). Those work very well.
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User Info: GMAleksandrov

8 years ago#6
From what I've read you can use the EX skills tough and rhythm to get randomiser then you cast and cancel so that you will get instant casts more often. I would then use the tech glitch to get mid S spells and high T spells. Hope this helps. -- GM Aleksandrov

User Info: RaRaille

8 years ago#7
Thanks guys x_x for now I went to playing Lloyd because it seemed like playing as a caster would gimp me.

TY again for all the advice, however

Anyway :) this game is beautiful, I love it. That's all *continues playing*

User Info: Knuckles07

8 years ago#8
If you still want to play as a spell-caster but want to get in on the melee action at the same time, then Kratos is an excelent choice for now. That's who I'm maining at the moment.
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User Info: Demon0verlord

8 years ago#9
If your planning on being genis, i suggest equiping EX skill, like Spell Save, and speed cast for sure. the main spell you should cast is iether tidal wave or meteor storm. if you happen to be in overlimit, cast indignation to use indignation judgement.

User Info: Algebralvr2

8 years ago#10
Absolute Is On The S Path
Indignation Is On The T
Use Indignation 50 Times Then Use While Genis Is In Overlimit = Indignation Judgement
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