I can't beat Mania Coliseum with Colette. spoilers if optional stuff counts

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User Info: Bluelink105

7 years ago#1
I beat it with Lloyd , Sheena and Raine easily and with Colette I either get owned by the first fight or if I somehow survive I stand no chance against the Ice Warrior. I actually got lucky a couple times and poisoned the Velocidragon tho. I just tap B and Para Ball spam , but it only does like 1.8k on Mania with lvl 80 Colette >_<. I also got destroyed by the Trio because Raine and Presea were dumb and ran into the last mob of enemies and stood there and commited suicide right before the trio ;_; and even with an All Divide I was still taking aroun 900 damage per hit after I revived them. I guess I suck Kvar and Kratos mean nothing anymore =( Well I did beat SD 3 , but he's a push over once Genis gets some of his good T type multi hit spells and Maxwell can't do anything except cast spells so owning him was too easy.
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User Info: ShinZackra

7 years ago#2
Get the Angel's Tear Ex-Skill (Eternal + Angel Song + Resurrect + Stat Boost), and equip the Sapphire gem for the first fight. Try to either keep your distance, or Ring Whirlwind/Whirlwind Rush. Para Ball spam is not effective against the Velocidragon (or w/e the dragon is called).

Switch out the Sapphire gem afterward for either a Holy Symbol or an Extreme Symbol in the second fight and Para Ball spam.

You can nullify the Ice Warrior's attacks with Sapphire + Penguinist Gloves + Aqua Cape. However, you'll have to resort to using techs like Para Ball or spells since your physical attacks become Ice-elemental and Ice Warrior absorbs that, but it's not a big deal because you won't take any damage, so cast away (Angel Feathers, of course).

Drake is so incredibly easy, but if you have trouble there, just go right up to it, block whatever it does and wait for the next attack, go under as it attacks, then turn around and bring it down with either Stardust Cross or Hammer Rain if you Tech Glitch'd. Then just keep it on the ground. It's weak to Ice IIRC, so Sapphire works here again.

Angel's Tear should come in handy for the Dragon Knight. As for accessories here, Holy Symbol + w/e should work fine. I personally would just say spell cancel it to death, but if you don't want to be cheap, just keep your distance with Para Ball + Stardust Cross/Grand Chariot as best you can until it corners you. By then, you should be able to block the 3 fireballs and hit->hit->Para Ball->Whirlwind Rush/Triple Ray Satellite for good damage and outlast him. Of course, if he flies up to do his fire breath, GO UNDER. Then Guard Break combos ftw (I think Colette can do Guard Break pseudo-infinites, but it's been too long since I've done something like that....I just know Presea and Lloyd can >_>).
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User Info: Bluelink105

7 years ago#3
Turtle and Drake are too easy who has problems with them...I forgot about nulling Ice damage thank you! I got to the Dragon Knight once...but the ass cornered me and would not fly up and I tried timing hitting him after his fire balls , but he laughed and said no and killed me =( I don't know how to combo using spell cancel I just screw up all the buttons. I'l just null Icy's damagae and try again. But the Trio and Abyssion can kiss my ass.
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User Info: KryptoPyro13

7 years ago#4
Get the EX Skills that let her heal when she does combos, and then use Stardust cross...
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User Info: FelurFalas

7 years ago#5
Spam Stardust Cross, Torrential Paraball, or Triple Ray Satellite. Or, you can Spell Cancel.
I find it to work for me at least.

Start off the first round with a big hit. Something like Paraball -> Triple Ray Satellite or Grand Chariot.
Run back a bit and spam a tech on the swordsman first, and then go for the Dragon. The velocidragon is a joke by it self.

You can clear all the other rounds by Spamming Paraball/Torrential Paraball. If you lose to the Drake, then you suck. For the final fight, if all else fails, just stay away and spam Stardust Cross.

As for the Tales Trio, use Zelos/ Kratos instead. Aim for Meredy first, and then go for Gaar.
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User Info: Vegeta1000

7 years ago#6
Have you tried the A+A+B+X cancel trick. I pwned everyone in the coliseum with Collete using that.
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User Info: Bluelink105

7 years ago#7
No I have not tried that trick. Oh well thank you guys , but my PC has been taking a crap lately and gives out if I'm on it too long so I forgot to say I beat it right after Shin told me about nulling Ice damage. And the best part was that the Ice guy is weak to lightning >=) Had fun getting my revenge lol. Stardust rained the DK push over XD. Thanks.
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  3. I can't beat Mania Coliseum with Colette. spoilers if optional stuff counts

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