Invalid password D: what's wrong?

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User Info: Exilos

7 years ago#1
Used paulygon's password generator, 0.87 or something.

All event boxes, save for #3 was checked, as I had heard that #3 was reverse, so to get event "3 (Hsu), you'd have to uncheck that particular box.
All characters had 30x power bread, hard nuts, lucky peppers, and the other stat enhancing items. Otherwise, they had:

Gaia blade
Warrior's helm
asura's armor
carry stone
cloak ball
frost jewel
orb of force
Mars star
black orb
(stat items in top-down order of appearance)

Thunder Crown
Earth Shield
Ninja garb
cleric's ring
demon mail
Adept's helm
storm gear
(stat items in top-down order of appearance)

Lucky cap
Virtuous armlet
guardian armlet
dragon scales
demon axe
wicked mace
cleric's ring
douse drop
(stat items in top-down order of appearance)

elven shirt
lure cap
oracle's robe
assassin's blade
water of life x 30
catch beads
halt gem
lifting gem
(stat items in top-down order of appearance)

Their character stats were:
lvl 35
hp 356
pp 156
atk 143
def 68
agi 160
luck 8

lvl 35
hp 351
pp 150
atk 139
def 79
agi 142
luck 6

lvl 35
hp 308
pp 191
atk 133
def 65
agi 161
luck 9

lvl 35
hp 304
pp 192
atk 134
def 63
agi 145
luck 8

All djinni boxes checked

283941 coins

The password turned out as:

v$yHN +W4nx
=iNJr CvsiN
qZGLn 8PiR2
HmDhm P9MKn

ufEwN JeVGx
cdyHi JVcwa
K5ZzL fukvf
4+gfe 3A#5L

u7tfY L5uY7
mZ%wb vxpDT
Fw+Cg T$yqX

hU2Ny 267Ld
&hVR= msC6b
Cz2Jw a6N!c
fbT%j fXYG2
3v2Uq 8Lyuj

dR&zh V=&fc
P7rKn JEwaD
jndvF 8u84p
Mzd9Q !5AV7

Ani2E uz6CN

Furthermore, I entered the password the minute I got a chance to, upon starting a new game, which would be/will be set to hard. Dun' remember if you get that option before or after submitting the password :/

However, here's the catch, I got this password rejected. Evidently it was incorrect. Could anybody possibly enlighten me as to why, or try to replicate these stats into their own generator, and see if the password is the same? Also, if it is NOT the same, post the password you get, please.

Any help or enlightenment here would be greatly appreciated!
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
7 years ago#2
Double-check the password after entering it. Chances are good that you typo'd a letter or two.
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User Info: Exilos

7 years ago#3
Checked it twice already, I'm afraid :|
Platinum FC: 0775 2675 8481 Exilos
Pearl FC: 4640 5217 5326 Exilos

User Info: RoleOfAQS

7 years ago#4
Keep checking it. The culprit is almost always an excruciatingly hard to find typo.
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User Info: GoldenGalaxy

7 years ago#5
Yeah, it's extremely likely to be a mistake when entering the password.
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User Info: ReyJavikVI

7 years ago#6
If you're on emulator, you can input the password in a very easy way. Check the generator's readme.
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User Info: frozen_time

7 years ago#7
I had the same problem when I took the password from my GS1. I typed the password that the game showed me (from my own clear game). Then, I entered the password. It said "password invalid". Just recheck the one you entered in the game first, then compare to your copy.

If you did it in a password generator, then just compare the two.

Also, I didn't use the password generator for a reason: the stats you enter in the generator will NOT BE THE SAME AS THE ONE'S IN GAME!!! For example, my Isaac PP stat was like 90+ (base) I entered that in the generator and I entered the password given by the generator and got accepted. The stats were different but it is identical to some degree like hp but a lot are altered.
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User Info: LBoksha

7 years ago#8
frozen_time, the stats you fill in in the generator are base stats. You generally don't see these in-game unless you use a class that has a 100% modifier for that stat. The stats you see in-game are the stats after they are modified by your class and equipment.
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User Info: Exilos

7 years ago#9
Thanks for the feedback, guys, I do appreciate it :)
Will try again now, write in the whole thing from scratch. And no, I'm not using an emulator.
Platinum FC: 0775 2675 8481 Exilos
Pearl FC: 4640 5217 5326 Exilos

User Info: frozen_time

7 years ago#10
I know what base stats and what the so-called 'modified stats' are. I know what I am talking about because I just got past Jupiter lighthouse and compared. I'm pretty sure that SOME of the stats were different and SOME were identical. I am not sure what cause of this was. Oh well, even if I am wrong I don't feel like entering a password again and play through the game till jupiter lighthouse to test it out.
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