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User Info: Arcade2

7 years ago#1
It's been a while, but last year, I believe, I thought I had found a new strategy vs the Beholder. I did...except tonight I found a better one! Sadly it seems that the Beholder can NOT be BKT'd.

My first strategy was to hug the bottom wall while firing Magic Missles. Didn't work so well. However, hugging the side wall and tiptoeing my way up, while firing Magic Missles, I was able to do about 25% damage to him before the actual fight.

What's cool is that you can actually see part of his shadow. What's NOT cool is even though he's right there, the MM's aren't doing any damage. They're hitting him, but they're just not damaging him. However, having fired out quite a few rounds THEN triggering the cutscene, as it's going into the cutscene (that small fade), the Beholder "activates" if you will, thus being damaged before the actual fight starts!

Now I'm sure if you had a seriously strong character that could deal damage in the hundreds/thousands...yeah, you could probably kill him before ever fighting him. I'm hoping later on my wizard will be strong enough to do this because I'm quite sure it'll lead to something interesting.

If the Beholder dies before the cutscene, will it still trigger? Will the death cutscene automatically trigger instead? Questions that hopefully will be answered in another 100 levels or so :P.

Thought I'd toss this one out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask or reply!
"You can't spell IGN without IGNorants." - BlackKing (Yes, I know it's backwards, but that's what he said).

User Info: Arcade2

7 years ago#2
Wow, within minutes I've already IMPROVED the strategy. Yeah, I have no clue why I didn't think of this until just recently.

It seems that the Beholder is too far away to be hit with Meteor Swarm. You don't really get a chance to get close enough before the cutscene starts.

However, I followed the previous strategy of hugging the side wall and firing MM's. Once I had enough MM's out I cast Meteor Swarm and immediately hit the cut scene. When the cutscene is over, the MS is STILL going, so within seconds the Beholder is dead. Not only is he getting hit by the MM's cast before the cutscene, he's getting an immediate MS pounding him.

Due to my Wizard being as strong as she is, the Beholder doesn't get a chance to even attack! Awesome!
"You can't spell IGN without IGNorants." - BlackKing (Yes, I know it's backwards, but that's what he said).

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