Are there any games out like this today?

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User Info: Cu3

8 years ago#1
I used to play this game years ago. I loved it. I loved designing my characters and running different levels with other wasn't a complex game, but it was fun, especially when grouping up with people.

I played the new PSO for 360 and didn't like it at all. It's really nothing like this IMO.

So my question is: Are there any games like this out right now? Are there any games like this coming out soon? Did I just have a bad experience with the one for 360 and should give it another shot?


User Info: Suibom

8 years ago#2
If you're looking for a good hack n slash dungeon crawler, and have a 360, Sacred 2 is coming out in May, and Too Human has been out for awhile.

Too Human has gotten WAY more hate than it deserves, but at it's core, it's a lot like PSO. There's 5 classes to choose from, four levels to play through in the main story, online co-op, and it's a loot-hunters dream come true.

Most places have it for around $20, and some, like Target, are dropping it at $5.
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User Info: pc360

8 years ago#3
I suggest World of Warcraft. Dont knock it till you try it... Jaspaller, do you have WoW? or the desire to play WoW? Cause I could always use another runnin buddy on Doomhammer...
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User Info: Jaspaller

8 years ago#4
No desire to play WoW at all. I'm not much for PC gaming anymore. Only games you'll ever see me play on a PC nowadays are PSOBB or CS1.6
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User Info: TwinTwist

8 years ago#5
Yeah, I miss PSO... I may have to check out Too Human. Didn't know it was in the same style-ish as PSO. I just stopped my PSU license. And have yet to close my FF XI account... which is coming. I just do NOT have the time for such an overlarge, MMORPG, go-around-the-world-to-acquire-extreme-rare-item for 12+ hours after crafting 12+ hours, level up for 248 hours just to be able to do Step A! Ugh. And no, I don't have WoW neither, dont have a PC powerful enough to play it.
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  3. Are there any games out like this today?

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