Does this game work better on Windows 7?

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User Info: topplehat

8 years ago#1
Wondering if it's worth the install.

User Info: JoveHack

8 years ago#2
topplehat posted at 5/27/2009 2:46 PM "Does this game work better on Windows 7?"

Don't know and that's the truth.

Here's a helpful thread about PC problems with the game in general. Don't forget to install the game patch.

"BG&E PC problems with solutions."

Hopefully you won't need any of that, but just in case. Also, there are a few game-killing bugs. Keep some extra saves around, including some going back a ways. The lost-partner bug should be pretty obvious, but there are others that are more subtle.

topplehat finished, "Wondering if it's worth the install."

It's one of the great games of all time. So yes, it's worth an install.

Plus a sequel was announced last year. A couple of trailers for it have been released, one recently. Latest news is that it's been pushed back a bit.

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User Info: flipin_jackass

8 years ago#3
It works, but the game is stuttering like crazy on my new system. My older system and laptop ran it relatively smooth, so for now, I blame Win7 for the slow down. I will try the packs JoveHack mentioned and see if that does anything.

User Info: JoveHack

8 years ago#4
"Stuttering" could be due to the way BG&E does timing. It depends on the CPU clock. Newer systems use variable CPU speeds to save power and lower heat buildup.

There's probably a way to set the CPU speed to fixed. You also probably want to change it back afterward.

Another problem you might be seeing is the game running too fast if you have a multi-core CPU. Set the game's affinity to a single CPU.

Good luck.
Sleep depraved. Primal Wiki:

User Info: tkarmadragon

8 years ago#5
No, this game does not set its timing off the CPU clock. It's been several years since games have been designed that way. However, if you want to set your CPU clock to "fixed" then it's possible within the BIOS of your motherboard.

I purchased this game off Steam while it was on sale, and I've been playing the game in Windows 7 (x64 bit) RC(7100) with absolutely no problems. Not a single crash. I'm using a Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz, overclocked to 2.66, with an overclocked Geforce 9800GT and 4GB of RAM. All of my video settings are maxed.

If your game is stuttering, I would try turning the graphic settings down, or possibly check your CPU usage. This game was originally designed for consoles, and the PC port is somewhat emulated from the original code. Because of this, the game takes far more CPU and graphics processing than normal.

I hope this helps!
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