A different perspective for those who make fun of players complaining about Tier

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User Info: OdinofLore

6 years ago#1
The Overreaction Tier topic was the last topic I read on the subject before deciding to write this.

For a long time I didn't mind the Tier system in this game. It meant to me that if a player constantly chose high tiers then his playing style required only those characters and in itself had limited himself to just playing that way. I was compelled to say he was a cookie cutter high level fighter.
Watching and playing myself with knowledge of the game spoke volumes on who picked which character and how they played that character.
so for a time it was good.
I personally mastered Sentinel Magneto and Storm Combo for the Friday nights when I just wanted to ride my two tokens for as long as i could. but personally I'm a Shoto,Gambit,Megaman Jill player. I'd say i'm very good with them and have surprised a foe or two.
finally I played everyone when i feel like RP'ing out loud during fighting. (fun when you're drunk and spicing up match number 239)

but then Christmas of 2010 came.

My sister had friends come by my job and after work we were all hanging out in lower manhattan. After some hanging out we were walking to Brooklyn Bridge when we past the arcade walking south, I wanted to just hop in there quickly. Arcades are more my element and I was hoping that if I could get me and my sister to play gigawing or something cooperative maybe others would not be shy and try it.
it worked.

User Info: OdinofLore

6 years ago#2
I can't remember the order we played but we played all the coop stuff first. Metal slug and the like.
Of course as we turn that magical left corner the players are lined up for MVC2. Not the very many that i was used to seeing but enough people that it got my interest as to who was playing and check it out.
I lose to Sentinel Storm Mag. I was Ryu,Chun-li and Storm. I guess when I was selecting them. I wanted the peeps who were traveling with me to see some recognizable characters besides xmen and I was going to originally pick Strider Doom Sentinel. I have a habit of not selecting characters my opponents choose.
I lost. Good fight and I think the flashy stuff worked.
My sis went eventually and she picked Sakura Roll and Morrigan.
I have to put it out there that we both play fighting games regularly.
I'm the player who does the research on the characters.
She does the research on how to use moves for the characters. if that...
anyway two different kind of gamers right? she should just learn the details of this game and get with the program right?
she lost and the fight looked good as far as my sisters friends went (the goal to me here) but I felt she was punished from the beginning of the fight by the characters she chose.
now it can be argued that she should:
learn the characters.
learn the system.
learn to air combo effectively.
learn the moves.
learn the *insert something here*
learn the...
for those who swear by this game I understand your reason.
"This game is so deep and fast engine,on your toes etc"
but to play this game effectively you need to spend lots of time with 56 characters that maybe only 7 characters (you know how many they really are...) only see constant playthrough. hell just watching after a couple of rounds i got sick of hearing sentinel talk.
If the game was more balanced. I can definatley see more gamers of more types joining the MVC2 community with more characters represented.
You're the player that can juggle sentinel?
congrats. but think of the time you spent learning to do that when you could have filled that part of your brain with more useful knowledge.
"I can JuGgLe SeNtz"
"I can fix the headphones so when the planned break happens its taken care of"
well I suppose it can be argued that I wasn't the intended audience for the game.
remember when fighters all did the same damage and the real trick was hitting your opponent 50 times no matter who you chose? since the characters themselves had variety of ways to do that 50 times (per se)
now its i can hit you 6 times with him and since he's the only one who can do it i'm going to do it over and over with him til your quarters over!
bwa ha ha.
Cable Sentinel and Magneto is your bank whom you owe money too. if they win you're forclosed at K.O.
Sakura Roll and Strider is you. if you win you don't owe a thing and they'll even give you 3 loans free!
but the catch is your mom and a chase representative is holding the controllers.
feeling lucky? feeling like things are fair?
its not.
thanks unbalanced gameplay! <3

User Info: GoukiAkujiki

6 years ago#3
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  3. A different perspective for those who make fun of players complaining about Tier

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