Secret Factor Shop and the Point System

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User Info: KnightmareSin

6 years ago#1
I wrote an in-depth FAQ covering this topic and tried submitting it, but GameFAQs rejected it because they're "oversaturated" so I figured I'd at least post it here in case anyone ever wanted to use it. However, instead of simply copying and pasting it, I'm just going to post the meat of my FAQ, which involves when the shop sells what characters and the formula to getting points.

I know everyone's moved onto the digital rereleases and MvC3, but in case anyone needs it (and probably the reason why you're here), here it is:

User Info: KnightmareSin

6 years ago#2
~Character Availability~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Secret characters are sold as a "set", meaning they're sold at the
same time during what I'd like to call "cycles". Cycles work in discrete
stages that each hold different character sets. Once the last stage is passed,
the cycle returns back to the first stage to repeat itself. These
stages depend on the cumulative points you have collected thus far.
There are two main cycles, one responsible for the "? slot" characters and
the other for the "empty slot" characters. When your slot is
"Sold Out", it's because you're still on a stage of the cycle where
you bought all the characters.

Slot 2/Cycle A:
-"? slot" characters on character select
-2 Stages:
1. Sets 1 and 2
2. Sets 3 and 4
-Changes stage every 50000 points

There are only 2 stages in this cycle, each with 8 different
characters available. If you concentrate solely on characters,
you will have most likely finished buying sets 1 and 2 as
well as all the character sets from shop slot 3. Because of
this, don't worry about sets 3 and 4 until later, since they
only appear after you've received a total of 50000 points.
Once this amount is reached, you won't be changing stages
anyime soon anyways.

Slot 3/Cycle B:
-"empty slot" characters on character select
-5 Stages:
1. Set 5
2. Set 6
3. Set 5
4. Set 6
5. Set 7, 8, and 9
-Changes stage every 1000 points
-Set 8 is only available after buying at least 1 Marvel
character from set 7 (i.e. War Machine or Iron Man)
-Set 9 is only available after buying at least 1 Capcom
character from set 7 (i.e. Dan or Cammy)

Unlike shop slot 2, this slot changes many times due to having
a much smaller requirement of points. Sets 5 and 6 only hold 4
characters each, while 7, 8, and 9 together have 8 (the latter
4 characters must be unlocked via buying from 7). If you're
missing a specific character from any of these sets, simply
using "Optimal Method 1" allows you to quickly change stages
in the cycle (a surefire method is winning twice with DHC,
then ending a third round with a draw). I would recommend
prioritizing purchasing sets 7, 8, and 9 since these appear
way less frequently than 5 and 6.

User Info: KnightmareSin

6 years ago#3
~Character Set Reference~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For reference, here's a list of which characters belong to which set:
Shop slot 2:
Set 1
--No.29: Shuma-Gorath
--No.30: Storm
--No.31: Wolverine (Adamantium)
--No.32: Omega Red
Set 2
--No.37: Megaman
--No.38: Roll
--No.39: Captain Commando
--No.40: Chun-Li
Set 3
--No.25: Silver Samurai
--No.26: Gambit
--No.27: Juggernaut
--No.28: Magneto
Set 4
--No.33: B.B.Hood
--No.34: Akuma
--No.35: Jin
--No.36: Morrigan

Shop slot 3:
Set 5
--No.41: Sabretooth
--No.42: Blackheart
--No.43: Spiral
--No.44: Colossus
Set 6
--No.49: Ken
--No.50: Charlie
--No.51: Dhalsim
--No.52: M.Bison
Set 7
--No.45: War Machine
--No.46: Iron Man
--No.53: Dan
--No.54: Cammy
Set 8
--No.47: Thanos
--No.48: Sentinel
Set 9
--No.55: Felicia
--No.56: Servbot

And here's a reference to the prices at which the sets are sold at:
Set 1 | 500~2000
Set 2 | 1000~2000
Set 3 | 1000~2000
Set 4 | 500~2000
Set 5 | 1500~3000
Set 6 | 1500~3000
Set 7 | 2000~4000
Set 8 | 2000~4000
Set 9 | 2000~4000

User Info: KnightmareSin

6 years ago#4
~Point Formulas~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MvC2 offers a variety of playable modes that each rewards points. How
these points are determined, though, are signifcantly different from
one mode to the next. By knowing how these points are given, you can
focus your attention on these details instead of blindly doing well
in hopes of getting a large amount of points.

Arcade Mode
--Match Results
----Lose +100
----Draw +100
--------Victory Type
------------Time Out +50
------------Standard KO +100
------------Hyper Combo KO +120
------------Team Hyper Combo KO +150
------------Delayed Hyper Combo KO +200
--------Partners Left +50 * # of partners left
--Arcade Results
----Arcade Finished +50 * (difficulty level + 2)
----No Losses +50 * difficulty level

VS Mode
--Completed Match +100

Training Mode
--Time Elapsed +10 * # of in-game minutes

Score Attack
--Match Results
----Lose +100
----Draw +100
--------Victory Type
------------Time Out +50
------------Standard KO +100
------------Hyper Combo KO +120
------------Team Hyper Combo KO +150
------------Delayed Hyper Combo KO +200
--------Partners Left +50 * # of partners left
--Score Attack Results
----Score Attack Finished +1100

User Info: KnightmareSin

6 years ago#5
~Optimal Point Strategies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Method 1: Quick points in a short amount of time

One important thing to know is that, during Arcade Mode, player 2
contributes to the rewarded points as well (player 2 cannot join
during Score Attack). For example, in a match where you'd receive 200
points from beating the CPU, against a human player, you would gain
an extra 100 since player 2 contributes points for losing. This is
great for being in control of the cycles because you can determine
exactly how many points you'll get. Also, this method doesn't require
going through Arcade Mode, which takes a while even when done fast.
The setup looks like this:
-In Options Mode, set time=30, damage=4, speed=turbo2
-In Arcade Mode, have both players choose any characters
-Have player 1 beat player 2, finishing with a DHC
-During Results, have player 2 press start and repeat
-Each match should net 400 points
-I'd recommend Cable for player 1 to make it faster

Method 2: A lot of points, but takes some time

For this method, you're exploiting the fact that each of Abyss's
rounds count as an individual match. This means that any bonuses
like number of characters left or finishing KO attack go into effect.
To make things simple:
-Make note of current number of points before starting Arcade
-In Options Mode, set difficulty=1, damage=4, and speed=turbo 2
-Play through Arcade mode normally until you get to Abyss
-Beat the first 2 forms of Abyss, then die
-Continue after the results and repeat this process for however long
you please
-Ideally, you want to end every match with a DHC and have every
character alive
-Although you get low bonuses for finishing arcade, the multiple
matches with Abyss more than make up for it in little time
-I highly recommend projectile heavy characters, such as
Cable, Iron Man, War Machine, Cyclops, Ryu, etc.

Method 3: Slow points, but you're lazy

The classic "leave your PS2 on, go to sleep" method. Although this
works, it's very wasteful and I'm sure some people would prefer not to
do this. If you don't mind this method, by all means make use of it:
-Enter Training Mode with whichever characters
-Go to Training Menu, Training Option, and set speed=turbo2
-Exit the menu and leave the game running
-Go do something else or go to sleep
-Come back and exit Training Mode to collect your points

User Info: KnightmareSin

6 years ago#6
Here's a download link to a text file of the completed FAQ, originally written for GameFAQs. Please don't host this without my permission, but at this point it won't really matter since I can't do much with it:
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