Ninja Gaiden Reboot Was Ahead of Its Time

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User Info: magx

3 years ago#1

"So there you have it. If the concept of something being ‘ahead of its time’ is valid, then Ninja Gaiden should absolutely qualify. The game featured (free and extensive) DLC before DLC was de rigeur. Genre-evolving gameplay, a focus on old school difficulty before that became a fad, and significantly advanced (for its time) artificial intelligence round out the list of traits that I contend make Ninja Gaiden a game well ahead of its time."

<3 Ninja Gaiden Black! I want Dynamite Cop XBLA!

User Info: GoukiAkujiki

3 years ago#2
The DLC aspect alone would be mind-boggling today. Just think about what they gave you, all for free.

Edit: I replied without reading the link. While I agree with the sentiment, I would have to say the write up was pretty bad. And also factually incorrect at points. I also like to point out that the game was as challenging as it was at first because it does a poor job explaining things. Most notably the UT system. Once I knew that holding guard prevented essence from being absorbed and about on landing UTs, the game wasn't challenging anymore. These two things weren't told to you anywhere and honestly aren't intuitive at all. While it's obvious that guarding prevents essence from being absorbed, the fact that holding the guard button even when you're not actually guarding to prevent essence from being absorbed makes little sense. Like if you're rolling and jumping you wouldn't naturally keep the guard button held down because guarding in midair is impossible. And the whole on landing system. It's an unintuitive mechanic because it's something that I believe is never been seen before. And it makes no sense when you think about it. But it was clearly developed intentionally.
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