Why aren't there any children in this game?

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User Info: Cabo_san

9 years ago#11
The only children in the GTA universe were the baby in Vice City Stories and the kids in GTA3 when there was still Drakel or Darkel, whatever the hell his name was.
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User Info: JBear427

9 years ago#12
Darkel was not in GTA3.
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User Info: kurumis_master

9 years ago#13
they said when darkel was still in the game ... as well as a school bus full of kids

you can kill birds in GTA, although they just disappear, but you can shoot them.

Why is killing pixelated male and female adults or various jobs and ethnic backgrounds ok, but kids and animals you draw the line?

It is a game. There are many games where you kill animals ... hunting games, even duck hunt for Nintendo. I think I read in Postal they have kids you can off.

Doesn't matter to me though. It is all the same. They could put them in, then if people made a fuss, just say they were being equal opportunity designers ... they were using midgets/dwarfs/little people/vertically challenged adults (whatever), those weren't kids, they were munchkins and oompa loompas.

R* needs someone with a brain to cover their @$$ better. Though, if my country wasn't so oppressive, there wouldn't be much of a problem anyway, right?
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User Info: JBear427

9 years ago#14
What part of this didn't you understand?

"and the kids in GTA3 when there was still Drakel..."

It's pretty cut and dry. And I reiterate: there was no Darkel in GTA3, nor was there any bus full of kids.
M.o.F.a.T. Inc.
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User Info: Cabo_san

9 years ago#15
Maybe this will explain;
the kids that were in GTA3 but were taken out before the game was released
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User Info: sandyandskip

9 years ago#16
There were kids in the game when it came out, but it's been out so long, they all grew up.
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User Info: TheAlmightyNick

9 years ago#17
You guys are debating way too much over this. It's really very simple. You see, the vast majority of Vice City is nightclubs and hotels, not places you're likely to find kids. Basically all of the first island is like that, so you're unlikely to see any there. As for the second island. . . by the time you get over there, with all the things you've doubtless blown up and the people you've killed outside of missions, it's safe to say that parents would pull their kids inside and sit at their bedroom door with a cocked gun the second you came to town. So the children are there, but people are too smart to give Tommy Vercetti an opportunity to kill them. Simple.

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User Info: Cheesy_Pie

9 years ago#18
eh, I've killed kids in Fallout 2. Honestly it's not any different from killing other virtual entities. Besides, he stole my gun, and I was going for the whole "Most evil son of a ****" playthrough.

In any case, no kids in this game because it would make GTA even more controversial than it already is. Even though there have been worse...
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User Info: JBear427

9 years ago#19
I figured it out! There are no kids in the GTA's because they're all enrolled at the school in Bully while you're playing it.
M.o.F.a.T. Inc.
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User Info: Rubberlegz08

9 years ago#20
Just after the first trailer for GTA IV came out, my brother (A very well respected member on here) said that someone on GameFAQs said that if you pause the trailer at a certain point, you can see a grown-up catching a child by the collar. I dont think R* would put them in a game though.
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