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User Info: The_Sone

9 years ago#1

Ok, i'm not very far at all in the game, I've only een playing a few weeks and haven't gotten very far,

When it says to take vince? (some guy) with me out of the car how do I get him to follow me?

I can't figure it out for the life of me!

User Info: JBear427

9 years ago#2
What mission are you on?
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User Info: The_Sone

9 years ago#3
um the 1st one the one where i just had to get the chef then lance follows me.

User Info: sidewonky

9 years ago#4
after lance tosses you the gun don't worry about the other chefs, just follow lance and get in the car he gets in, he doesn't follow you on that one.

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