This game is amazing (question inside too)

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  3. This game is amazing (question inside too)

User Info: Raven_Vexus

9 years ago#1
This game is worth it just for trying to get your wanted level up alone, plus the story mode missions which are fun as hell too.
Plus, I got it for only 4 bucks. Gotta love underpriced older games that rock.

Anyways, I need a little help on a mission.

It's not so much of a question, but looking for tips on how to get past it. I'm on the mission after finding the guy who stole the money and he leads you to the mansion with the graffitti all over it, and you get in a helicopter and have to try and shoot everyone before it lands and you go in.

Well, I can't ever get to the landing part. The shooting takes too long, and I always get blown up.

Any tips to help me out here? Also, does the health code restore the helicopter?
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User Info: microsonic_java

9 years ago#2
i remember the mission and you just gotta get better with shooting
but anyways man dont use the health code
im pretty sure like it messes up the game if you save it with a code or sumethin but dont take my word on it okay lol

User Info: Azyiu

9 years ago#3
First of all, you really need to work on your shooting if you have problem with that mission. There are oil drums all around the place, you could shoot at them. A few enemies would die once those oil drums blow up around them. But all in all, you need to aim better...

About using cheat codes. Well, you can use cheat codes AND you can still reach a 100% in the end, I just don't use them and don't recommend using them. That's all.

User Info: JBear427

9 years ago#4
Agreed. The health code won't harm anything, but you're better off not wasting the time punching it in, just practice. I found this one tough the first time too, the more you do it the easier it gets. It really is just a matter of practice. There are a lot of free aim missions in these games, and I suck at FPS so they were hard initially. Keep at them, and one day you'll realize you don't feel like it was luck when you pass them anymore. That's a good feeling.
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  3. This game is amazing (question inside too)

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