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User Info: Yarville

10 years ago#1
I played Vice City when if first came out, and loved it- but I simply stopped when I got to one mission. I don't recall the name, but it involves shooting out the windows of stores. I'm going to replay it, any tips? It always seems like each window takes ages to break... I'm not above using codes to get out of that damned mission, so if you think any would be useful, let me know.
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User Info: Dagamepalyer

10 years ago#2
It would help a lot if you knew what the mission was
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User Info: Yarville

10 years ago#3
It's called 'Shakedown', and is right after you kill Diaz.
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User Info: rem700

10 years ago#4
Use a PCJ 600 and do drive bys in the mall to shoot the windows.
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User Info: spaceeinstein

10 years ago#5
I like to use explosives instead.
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User Info: GroveStOG

10 years ago#6
I used to have trouble with it years ago, but now I can do it easily. I guess I've just gotten better.
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10 years ago#7
oh man i used to think that mission was so hard, but like grove said its just gotten easier. you get better with practice. just try different strategies and see what works for you. try the motercycle
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User Info: JBear427

9 years ago#8
I've never used a motorcycle, if you have infinite sprint I don't think it could be as fast- but I may try it anyway to see. It sounds interesting. I've never had any trouble getting them to break right away with a 9mm uzi or MP5, just run from one store to the next and fan them with bullets. The main thing I think is getting to the mall fast, and having a good pattern. Start at the very top or very bottom of the mall, by an escalator and then just run around the entire first floor, which will bring you back to the stairs where you started and do the same thing upstairs.
As long as you don't waste lots of time getting to the mall or running up/down/back/forth randomly in the mall, you should easily finish with lots of time to spare.
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