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User Info: anandrosan

6 years ago#1

Hi. i have no missions after HIT THE COUNTER.... can u help me plz :cry::cry::cry:

User Info: Christophee

6 years ago#2
Have you completed any of the other businesses? You need to complete five others in addition to the Printworks in order to do the final two missions.
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User Info: Nukey_Shay

6 years ago#3
Yup...you NEED seven "$" icons to complete the main storyline.

One *must* be at the Vercetti mansion. After you gain control of the mansion following "Rub Out", and complete it's missions "Shakedown", "Bar Brawl" & "Copland", the $ icon will appear at the top of the main entrance stairs.

One *must* be at the Printworks business. Completion of it's two missions "Spilling the Beans" & "Hit The Courier" unlocks the $ icon - which appears right next to the save icon there.

Five more need to exist at businesses of your choice...appearing at them after purchase and completion of their own requirements. There's seven bisinesses to pick from...but you only need five. The remaining two businesses are optional.
The list of the remaining businesses and their requirements:

Boatyard: Complete "Checkpoint Charlie" at least once within the 2:30 time. You can try the mission more times if you wish (for less time after each successful run), but it only needs to be completed once @2:30 to unlock the $ icon - which appears right outside of the large seaside doorway.

Cherry Poppers: Sell at least 50 "Ice Creams" without getting out of the van (you can't do half now and half later like the taxi fares). You can turn the bell off and on or drive to different areas (if you wish) but the van must not be exited until you've sold at least 50...or your current total will not count toward unlocking the $ icon - which will appear just outside of the business.

Sunshine Autos: The six vehicles named next to the underground garage must be delivered here. There are 3 additional lists to complete to boost the icon to max revenue, but only the first list needs completion to unlock the $ icon - which appears right next to the doorway entrance to the building. Take note that the delivery point is the garage on the South end of the underground area...not one of the 4 that you get for your own storage or the Pay'N'Spray directly to the West of them.

Kaufman Cabs: Complete it's 3 missions "V.I.P.", "Friendly Rivalry", and "Cabmageddon". The $ icon then appears inside the building next to the stairway leading up to the dispatcher's office. The game also then spawns the special "Zebra Cab" inside of the building.

Interglobal Films: Complete it's 4 missions "Recruitment Drive", "***** Dodo", "Martha's Mug Shot", and "G-Spotlight"). The $ icon will then appear next to the guard's hut at the main entrance to the studio.
NOTE: initiating the mission "G-Spotlight" at least once is the only way to reach one of the Unique Stunt locations. The elevator leading to the location then remains available regardless if you pass or fail the mission.

The Malibu Club: Complete it's 4 missions "No Escape?", "The Shootist", "The Driver", & "The Job". The $ icon then appears near the building's entrance. You can also revisit El Corrupto bank at any time to steal additional cash from behind the teller's counter.

Pole Position: Just enter the private room in the back area that features the poledance sequence. You need to spend at least $300 there to unlock the $ icon...which then appears right next to the building's entrance. You do not need to spend the cash all at once...but can use multiple visits to reach the $300 total if you want. Once completed, a higher-quality cutscene will become available inside the private room further back down the hallway.
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User Info: Nukey_Shay

6 years ago#5

Optional employers that do not count toward storyline completion can be skipped if you want. These employers are:
Avery Carrington (construction site...3 missions)
The "Voice" (5 telephone assassinations)
Umberto Robina (Cuban thread...4 missions)
Auntie Poulet (Haitian thread...3 missions)
Jezz Torrent (Love Fist thread...3 missions)
Mitch Baker (biker thread...3 missions)
Phil Cassidy (junkyard site...2 missions)

Additional tasks that have no bearing on storyline completion are:
Safehouse puchases (7)
Unique Stunts (36)
Hidden packages (100)
Rampages (35)
Store robbery (15)
"Paramedic" (level 12)
"Vigilante" / "Brown Thunder" (level 12)
"Firefighter" (level 12)
"Taxi Driver" (100 fares)
Pizza delivery (level 10)
Hyman Memorial Stadium events (3)
RC vehicle challenges (3)
Offroad challenges (4)
Sparrow helicopter challenges (4)
Sunshine Auto street races (6)
Optional lists at Sunshine Autos (3 @ 6 vehicles each)
Ammunation shooting gallery (45+ points IN ADDITION TO previous completion of "The Shootist")
"Keepie Uppie" beach ball challenge
Bus driver (i.e. picking up pedestians at bus stops)
Prostitute visits

These are all optional, tho some include rewards of their own (such as completion of Paramedic to unlock the infinite sprint ability). Everything listed above (except the last three) are required to complete for 100% game completion. Other stats listed (such as "longest Stoppie distance", etc) have no effect either way.

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