Is this GTA anyone elses favorite?

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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#1
You probably had to be there during the time period but the 80's rocked! Hair metal bands, Cool shows like Knight rider and The A-Team. It was an awesome time to be a kid. Vice city was totally rad!

User Info: Christophee

4 years ago#2
I loved the 80s theme, particularly the music, but I prefer the characters, story and atmosphere of GTA III. Vice City is my second favourite though.
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User Info: Nubaru

4 years ago#3
Im 16 now and this was by far my favorite. This is what started my serious gaming
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User Info: crosby655321

4 years ago#4
It's my favorite gta. The voice cast is absolutely amazing; I wish Rockstar would go back to using heavy hitters like they did for this game.

I love the gameplay too, SA and iv got a little too bogged down with grinding for my taste.

And of course the soundtrack and atmosphere of the 80's is top notch and hard to beat.

User Info: Yorozuya_Gin

4 years ago#5
This is my favorite GTA. Next is 3, 2, IV then SA.

User Info: Norns_FanClub

4 years ago#6
Hello y'all! Though I'm a hardcore RPG-person I would instantly put *GTA - Vice City* into my Top-10 list of favourite PS2-games.
For me it is definitaly the best GTA. The setting is cool, the graphics are stylish, the script is hilarious and the synchro is
absolutely brilliant. The music-choice is just perfect, the radio-stations in general are on a whole different level than in any
other GTA. In my humble opinion Vice City also features the best commercials and news, I just never get tired of the soundtrack.
What I do for some time now is really super-fun and you guys should try it if you still like this game:
I speedrun the category *100-package-only* - timing goes from *Start New Game* to collecting package #100.
My personal best is 41 minutes on the PAL-PS2 version. With better execution and another tiny timesaver somewhere
I'm sure I could push it to 39min, which is what I'm actually aiming for. But I think I should get my hands on the
NTSC-version because of the 50/60 Hz difference to see how low the time can be pushed. Or learn the PC-version on
which you have a huge advantage because you can adjust the camera as you wish with the mouse and you can strafe.
With that in mind I don't think the times for console-version and PC-version can really be compared.

Oh well, fact is that *GTA - Vice City* is my favourite in the series, and probably ever will be. - Norn's FanClub

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User Info: FooFightersFan

4 years ago#7
This one is definitely the best and my favorite. San Andreas has a much longer and higher entertainment value because the map is so much bigger and there is so much more to do between missions, side missions, and even silly things like the triathlon.

But Vice City just has a certain feel to it that no other game has been able to match for me. The characters, the story, the scenery. All great.

User Info: calimann83

4 years ago#8
This was the first GTA that I actually played from start to finish so it is a little special to me (I had played 3 and the older games but always on a friends computer and never in full). I love the 80's vibe as well, plus you could buy property.
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User Info: wfo400

4 years ago#9
I first saw this game at a freind's house. It made such an impression on me that I bought a PS2 for no other reason than to play this game. Ended up playing GTAIII first, for continuity, but this one I can come back to over and over again. Even on my 100% game it's fun to go back and just screw around.

Disclaimer: I have not been on this board in a LONG time. Trying to get back into my GTA gaming, I'm still only on VCS (Yes I am way behind. Work and family will do that). VCS just makes me remember what fun I had playing the original. Which led to me coming back here and seeing if people were still talking about it. Glad to see they are, and that I'm not alone.

Born in 1970, I came of age right in the middle of the 80's, so the soundtrack to this game is like the soundtrack to my youth, my most formative years. You can't put a price on that. The missions were fun, just the right amount of difficulty. Perfectly voiced by Ray Liotta, Tommy has some hilarious lines. The colors of the city, especially at night, are captivating.

GTAIII was groundbreaking and I have great memories of that game, it was my first GTA of course. SA was a mammoth undertaking that seemed more like work at times than genuine fun. LCS was a fun return to Liberty City but since I played it many years after III it was like going back to a place that was once home, but is no longer as familiar as it once was.

Those are the GTA's I've played so far, all to 100%. Vice City takes it over III by a length.

User Info: C4_Corvette

4 years ago#10
I own all GTA series games to date. Still, Vice City has always been the game I most want to go back and replay time and again. I call it my ps2 doylie like what my grandma used to knit just to put on top of tv's and tables in hopes to prevent dust. Vice City, is 24 Carat Gold!
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