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User Info: AlPiNeBoI

4 years ago#1
Is there anyone else here who only plays this game so they can hear the music in cars?

User Info: calimann83

4 years ago#2
It is one of the reasons.
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User Info: lolcopters12

4 years ago#3
I literally just bought the game online so I could drive around and listen to the 80's music.
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User Info: mazardeus

4 years ago#4
Totally! The same reason why I am playing Grand Theft Auto 3.

User Info: childofdelight

4 years ago#5
I remember running from the fuzz in a golf cart, with five stars, while blaring Espantoso.

I also remember running from the cops on the fa6gio, often with fewer stars and some rather ridiculous chases. Music choice? Fever 105, of course.

Ooh, how about carpet bombing with the Hunter to Raining Blood?

Oh, and super cop. **** that guy. I lol'd so hard when he got owned once--that was amazing.
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User Info: sshadow5002

4 years ago#6
One time I brought this game with me on holiday so I could use it as a radio. Thats how awesome the soundtrack is :D
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User Info: diddyknux

4 years ago#7
Its probably the GTA game with the most stations I listen to. 3 I really only listened to Chatterbox, and San Andreas I pretty much stick to Radio Los Santos, Bounce FM, and Radio X, with Playback occasionally. But I listen to pretty much all of the stations in Vice City, because there is just THAT MUCH great music.

User Info: vaultdweller94

4 years ago#8
did they remove 99 luft baloons from the ps3 version? its supposed to be on the wave 103 right?or is it flash fm either way i cant find it.

User Info: king_wrecked

4 years ago#9
good music. good game. would rather have seen a return to vice city than san andreas. not a fan of the "gangster" nonsense.
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User Info: lopy81

4 years ago#10
king_wrecked posted...
good music. good game. would rather have seen a return to vice city than san andreas. not a fan of the "gangster" nonsense.

Couldn't agree more. San andreas is my least favourite gta .
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