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This Game Is Really Hard

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User Info: markedman54

4 years ago#1
I Don't remember this being this hard when I was younger. I have to replay almost every mission a few times to beat them. Very Frustrating

User Info: Norns_FanClub

4 years ago#2
Hi markedman54. Dunno how far you are with the story and what sidequests you've done, but here are some things that can make your life in Vice City a bit easier (if you know that stuff already, see it as a reminder^^):
- learn where the police-bribes, health- and armor-pickups are located
- always get full health and armor before starting a mission. I think collecting 10 Hidden Packages to get a free Body Armor inside the Ocean Beach Hotel (and other safehouses as you progress) is a good thing to do.
- rapidly tap the X-button to sprint without getting tired instead of holding the button down ....or go for the Paramedic missions to gain the infinite sprint ability. Punching off the passenger-side door and the two doors at the back before starting gives a little time-advantage and makes it less annoying overall cause them people can just hop in and out - 12 levels need to be completed
- deliver pizza with a Pizzaboy to gain 150 HP
- save the game, then reload it to get rid of the wanted-stars
- get to the blocked west-part early to grab a Rawketlawnchair or a Laser-Scope Sniperrifle to make the missions in the beginning easier
- as soon as you gain the ability to buy property I advise to grab Sunshine Autos first - it's fun and rewarding to collect the car-lists and it's just a great base of operations, you can easily reach most of the missions from here
- after successfully finishing the mission *Guardian Angels* Diaz drives away in his almost indestructable white Admiral. When you gain control of Tommy immediately sprint to the street and turn left towards Ocean Drive. The Admiral is standing there with the door open, snag it and store it in the Links View Appartment - this makes the mission *Death Row* super-easy.
- learn some easy to execute tricks to safe time and make life easier. For example Diaz' mission *The Fastest Boat* - instead of dealing with the fools guarding the place and hitting the switch inside the building to lower the boat into the water, why not just race a car onto the compound, hug the fence on the right side of the boat and press triangle to get into the boat? Yeah, funny that Tommy clips through the fence and drops with the boat into the water to immediately drive off. Or the mission *Naval Engagement* - it can be tough, especially when the developers thought it's funny to give Tommy the worst car in the game as a getaway-vehicle - a Landstalker.... so, grab a Linerunner or Packer from the docks and park it where the Landstalker will be before starting the mission - much more fun smashing through them cops with a big truck.^^ Almost every mission can be approached in a way to make it not only more fun, but also easier. Unfortunately a player needs to take the time and toy around with some ideas, so there is a certain amount of trial & error involved.

If you want to see the game pushed to it's limits and be entertained at the same time go to speeddemosarchiveDOTcom and watch Jamie Stone's speedrun in 2:02:46 (PS2) or Daniel Burns' speedrun in 1:52:59 (PC). You can learn a lot of techniques to adapt from that run, even if you're not playing for sheer speed.

Oh well, there's so much more, just keep enjoying the game and it will become easier over time, bye

NOTE: I only played the PS2 version, so there might be slight differences for PC-players

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User Info: KongZhou

4 years ago#3
Speed games (any game) kind of scare me. I might have to watch those vids when my comp is up and running again.

But as far as the general idea of doing missions multiple times goes, I think that was at least partially intentional. Especially those damn storyline races, the motorcycle one over by the biker club seems easy enough in theory but it took me several goes.

Then there are missions that seem like a piece of cake but you have a string of bad luck with cops, traffic or lack thereof, messing up with the controller, etc. This was in San Andreas but I got stuck doing a simple tailing mission several times because the cut scenes would eat my original car and nothing would spawn. One time all I could get was a police vehicle. Perfect for slow tails! And the only reason I didn't complete the mission in one attempt was because I was covering the wrong house after the tail and failed the final mission objective.

Not to mention, some missions are a legit pain in the rear.

User Info: bancheedriver

4 years ago#4
There are a few missions that are a pain, for me the biker race and the drive were both annoying and not fun to do. As for the game over all I would say that GTA 3 was harder to get 100%
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User Info: Norns_FanClub

4 years ago#5
Hehe, the biker race *Alloy Wheels of Steel* is truly not easy. If you use a Freeway or an Angel you really need to learn the checkpoint-layout and brake early enough to succeed. But if you want a cheap and easy victory just jump-kick one of the 3 opponents from his bike and use his super-bike. There is no penalty for doing that, they crash a lot anyway and with the super-handling of their bike it's a breeze. Plus you have one opponent less to race against. You might also want to try and block them with some long and/or heavy vehicles (like the firetruck around the corner), but personally I like to just kick one off and race with his bike. The race against Hillary (mission *The Driver*) on the other hand takes me several tries everytime too, it's tough. On my next go I want to test the clothes-switch at Rafaels' to get rid of the police, should be fun.
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User Info: Christophee

4 years ago#6
The biker race is quite easy as long as you stay on your bike. At some point they will all fail to steer properly and crash into a wall. The Driver is a lot harder though.
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User Info: KongZhou

4 years ago#7
Yes in theory the motorcycle race is a piece of cake. But I am not experienced enough with it to nail the mission on the first try.

The Driver is ridiculous! I felt like I had gotten so good at the course, but nevertheless, my only hope was basically to run dude off the road a bit, which is unreliable anyway.

Now I'm not saying missions should be a piece of cake you pass in one go. Alloy Wheels of Steel is not *that* difficult and probably was not the best example. But there are missions where it's like there is no way the game is not just messing with you.

Oddly, many of the shooting missions tend to be rather straightforward. Even fleeing the cops after a mission-forced wanted level. Generally never poses much of an issue for me.

User Info: Norns_FanClub

4 years ago#8
That's what I get for not paying attention for some months. I suggested watching Daniel Burns' speedrun in 1:52:59 (PC). Most runs on Speeddemosarchive are the worldrecords, but this run is very outdated. By finding new tricks and glitches the community brought the time down significantly. The current WR should be Fatzke's 1:32:34 (PC). I watched it, it's insane. He has a twitch-channel if someone wants to check this video out. I think you should, it's super-entertaining.
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User Info: markedman54

4 years ago#9
Norns_FanClub posted...

Thank you for all your help and suggestions. I just finished it. Except all the properties. I did the cab missions. And I bought the strip club at the SE side of the map. I don't know if want to grind to earn the money to buy the other properties. Do any of them have missions that are worth it?

User Info: KongZhou

4 years ago#10
I wouldn't think much grinding is necessary. Some of the assets are expensive but since they generate income, unless you are trying to do them all at once (!), money shouldn't be a big deal.

As for entertainment, I found the Malibu missions - aside from The Driver - to be enjoyable. The printing press as well. The film studio has amusing cutscenes but some missions are a pain in the neck. My least favorite mission of all, where you jump from rooftop to rooftop on a PCJ, is one of them.

Sunshine Autos is worthwhile. I don't remember much about the boatyard. And Cherry Popper is basically like a 30-minute grind on the strip for a 3k payout.
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