Let's compare times for Sunshine Autos race 6 Endurance Track

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User Info: coinbuyer8605

3 years ago#1
I have a small fascination with the Sunshine Autos Race 6 Endurance Track. I have kept track of my times over the years and with the vehicle I drove. I've felt this race best measures a car's ability to zip through the streets with its variety of long straightaways and tight turns; its narrowness and openness; its varying loads of other traffic.

The map which shows each Sunshine Auto race path is a map from an earlier version of Vice City, as Hyman stadium and the northern part of the east island's beach is missing (this is part of the reason nobody ever spawns up there - this area was a late addition). The map itself doesn't show the endurance race the exact way the course goes, either.

The following are my fastest times for each vehicle. Some vehicles I raced multiple times and the times would be very hard to improve upon. Other vehicles I raced and just got one good run and the times are more easily improvable.

These are all exact times; I won the race every time. In order to win the race you must go under 5:45. The computer is terrible with this course even though it has fast cars and usually finishes somewhere between 5:15 and 5:45 with the latter more often the case.

Hotring Racer 4:04
Cheetah 4:10
Stinger 4:14
Infernus 4:15
PCJ 600 4:19
Comet 4:23
Banshee 4:33
Sabre Turbo 4:34
FBI Rancher 4:41
Sentinel XS 4:44
FBI Washington 4:50
Phoenix 4:50
BF Injection 4:50
Zebra Cab 4:51
Police 4:51
Ambulance 4:55
Admiral 4:56
Deluxo 4:57
Sentinel 5:03
Blista Compact 5:07
Voodoo 5:07
Cuban Hermes 5:14
Gang Burrito 5:15
Taxi 5:17
Enforcer 5:24
Firetruck 5:27
Kaufman Cab 5:29
Washington 5:31
Sandking 5:31
Sabre 5:36
Burrito 5:36
Bloodring Banger 5:42

didn't win with the following but estimated times are as follows

Mesa Grande around 5:30
Cabbie around 5:50
Rancher around 5:50
Hermes around 6:10

I really should get a good run of the Sanchez without falling off to see how it compares with the PCJ 600. Yes, I've tried to do the course with helicopters but the street lights make it impossible.

The Sentinel XS and Admiral surprised me most with their fast times. Blista Compact to a lesser degree.
The Sandking disappointed me most. It has speed, but it hits everything it is so wide and runs over oncoming cars causing a flipover. Deluxo was slightly disappointing; it spins out fairly easily.

It took many runs to finally get a respectable time for the PCJ600 (re: without falling off of it once)

The Cheetah, Stinger, Comet, and FBI Rancher were always the easiest to win the race with because they were so consistently fast. The three sports cars for their speed and handling, the FBI Rancher more for its ability to muscle through other traffic on the road along with decent speed and handling.

If you didn't know or guess already, the different incarnations of each vehicle matter. The Cabbie and Kaufman Cab differentiation surprised me most. The Sentinel XS versus Sentinel less so since that 4:44 for the XS was a near perfect run and the 5:03 for the Sentinel was a one-time mediocre run.

I made many runs with the Hotring Racer. It spins out sort of easy. This is also a common problem with the Infernus and Banshee. But when I ran a good race with the Hotring Racer without spinouts, I went under 4:15. The 4:04 would be very hard to improve upon. I specifically tried to break 4 minutes, but determined it wasn't possible after that 4:04 run was nearly perfect; practically non-improvable.

Observations, reactions, comments, suggestions, questions, your times, are all appreciated.

User Info: coinbuyer8605

3 years ago#2
Got in a good run no falling off with the Sanchez last night of 4:48. Also got in a decent run not quite as good with the Freeway no falling off at 5:08. Notwithstanding, the Sanchez is still faster than the Freeway.

I know about and would love to get in a "Super" Angel run, but in all my save files I'm not sure I have one off hand. I will eventually go out of my way to do it, though. That extra handling should get the time from 5:08 (assuming the stock Freeway and stock Angel have the same driving abilities - I think they do) to around 4:48. I don't remember off-hand if the Super Angels have actually faster speed and acceleration than stock Angels, I only remember the handling is a lot better.

User Info: coinbuyer8605

3 years ago#3
Wow, the Super Angel runs a lot quicker than I anticipated! It's very hard to stay on the thing, though. The best run is where I fell off only once and I still finished in a blistering 4:24! It is comparable to the PCJ600, possibly a bit better!

User Info: coinbuyer8605

3 years ago#4
Love Fist (limo) 5:10

Had a pretty solid run to get that time. A perfect run could get it to 5:00. Slow acceleration and sluggish handling. Good top speed once it gets there, though, and has decent ramming power.

User Info: Norns_FanClub

3 years ago#5
Hi coinbuyer8605! I chipped away at some of your times, maybe this motivates you to take them back. I played a new file to the point where I could buy Sunshine Autos. While completing the 1st list I stashed cars for other lists and went for the race with some of the 2nd list before delivering them. I added the number of tries I needed for each car to loosely represent the difficulty I had with it.

Sabre - 05:23 - old time was 05:36
4 tries - this run had 2 frontal crashes, but no spin

Sentinel - 04:57 - old time was 05:03
1 try - 4 crashes, but no spins - the allrounder, good handling and speed. Funny thing is that I fail *The Driver* multiple times everytime.^^ Oh well, in that mission we have to deal with rain-physix and dem cops, it's always tough for me.

Washington - 05:21 - old time was 05:31
14 tries - had 2 360-spins and I was sliding down the Prawn-Island bridge backwards scraping the wall after clipping a car right at the checkpoint - this time is definitely improvable by a couple of seconds, but I didn't feel like it after trying so many times

So far I couldn't win with the Stretch. In 10 tries I only came close once, but my Limo caught fire with two corners left. Man, this thing is slow.^^

Note that I didn't care to look for the real best-times online and I don't have videos to backup anything. My skills wouldn't be enough anyway haha.

Since I'm always having fun with VC I'm gonna try to improve some more times over the next weeks.

Welcome to our wonderful bakery!

User Info: Norns_FanClub

3 years ago#6
Admiral - 04:48 - old time was 04:56

Missed a checkpoint and had to back up to get it. Car was smoking from all the crashes, so I guess this time can still be improved by some seconds.

Gave up on the Stretch, seems I'm just not good enough to win with that thing.^^

Those two cars completed Sunshine Autos List #02, next are the sportscars.

Welcome to our wonderful bakery!

User Info: coinbuyer8605

3 years ago#7
Norns_FanClub, your interest is well appreciated and your times interesting. I don't believe I beat the endurance track with the Stretch. I beat it with the Love Fist in 5:10 which is a faster, shorter, rarer version of the Stretch. I think I attempted with the Stretch, but it was so much of a clunker I knew I would never win. I wasn't even catching up to the other racers on the long south bridge between islands 30 seconds in.

User Info: BimmyLee

3 years ago#8
I had very little experience with VC races until today, but I've beaten gta3's "Turismo" with every vehicle except the Trashmaster and Dodo, so evidently I enjoy these types of challenges, lol. I hope TC is still around...

Anyway, I used a jump-start (bumping one of the rival cars to get a head start) for all of my times. I notice you guys didn't mention using a jump-start, so I assume you used a regular standing one?

I improved on 3 of the times (finished 1st all 3 times):
Hotring Racer 4:02 -- (~10 tries)
Sabre 4:59 -- (~5 tries)
Kauffman Cab 5:12 -- (1 try)

I got 4:06 on just my second attempt with the Hotring Racer, but then I kept struggling to get a clean run...I finally managed 4:02 after many attempts. I reckon sub 4:00 should be doable if you push like hell and get more lucky with traffic.

I had a few attempts with the Idaho as well, but a couple of dream runs were ruined by brutal crashes around the mid-point of the race.

I'll try a couple more vehicles in the next few days. (Currently doing a 100% run. I'm having a break at 80% before going for the final 20%.)

User Info: coinbuyer8605

3 years ago#9
Correct, I used the standstill start each time. I made sure it wasn't raining or it had just gotten done raining and had just dried. I raced with good weather each time, never a bump and run start though I knew that was possible. I've raced GTA3's 'Turismo' many times but never with anything other than a Police or Banshee.

I would imagine the bump and run method of starting give you a 2 or 3 second advantage.

I remembered that spawning about 8 to 10 Rhinos in GTA3 would work to clear the streets of other traffic, but it does not work that way in Vice City. Upon second instance of entering the cheat the first Rhino disappears. The other traffic is the largest variable in this Endurance Track. The weather is another variable. The other racers are another variable. The stoplights and lightposts are also variables in that I can't tell if I will barrel through them no problem, or get stopped on a dime, or get thrown off course by them.

With a bump and run start breaking 4:00 with the Hotring Racer is possible, I would concede.

User Info: BimmyLee

3 years ago#10
Oh, I didn't know that spawning cheatcode-Rhinos to get rid of traffic didn't work on VC; never got around to try it. On gta3 I used that trick to find the limits of each vehicle for Turismo. Of course the "no-traffic" time isn't legitimate, but it's a useful reference: if your "no-cheats" time is within, say, 5 seconds of the no-traffic time, it means it's pretty good.

Yeah, I also only run when the streets are completely dry, otherwise you lose a lot of time.

I raced with a few more cars the other day (all bump starts and finished 1st):
Stinger 4:10
Phoenix 4:43
Sabre Turbo 4:30
Deluxo 4:43

Also finished second with the Esperanto with an estimated time of 5:08. I got unlucky...the computer JUST beat me.
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