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User Info: StrallenVarekus

9 years ago#1
I played this game awhile back but stopped after awhile. I decided to start in again today, so I re-installed it and went looking for the old fix that was around way back when to have a constant line of potential employees waiting at all the buildings, only to discover that I couldn't find it anywhere. All that's available these days is a mod, the problem is way back when the fix didn't *need* a mod. If I remember right it was a simple alteration of an existing script in the game. Only I can't remember what the script was or what the specific alteration was.

So is there *anyone* who can remember the efficient way of applying said fix (as opposed to a mod that isn't even that effective)?
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User Info: Icetray86

9 years ago#2
I dunno. All I can think of is the More Employees Mod at Other than that, I dunno...again.
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