Does anyone still play this game?

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User Info: Geno64

9 years ago#21
I haven't played this one in years (according to the pics, since mid 2004), but I actually got all 220 stars. IIRC, last 5-star I got was Donkey Kong Classic Hard. Frickin' hard.

Here's some pics
220 screen:
Credits Finale:


User Info: ChickenatorRob

9 years ago#22
just got the game today only 200 stars left yeah. but i remember playing the first one the octopus music is incredibly catchy.

User Info: TJF588

9 years ago#23
Got a headphone adaptor offa the invariable-shipping-cost-of-five-dollars Nintendo Store site (for my third -- maybe second and a half? -- SPee), and I listened in on the songs... there is much more to 'em than you'd think listening to the monaural speaker of a GBA.

Also, I think the headphones that came with a somewhat off-brand MP3 player are very clear (that, or I just have bad memoral judgement of other experiences), with the downside being there's ear buds, which don't stay nor stay in that well on me.
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User Info: ugg1020

9 years ago#24
Yes i still play this game. BTW does anyone have any tips on beating modern DK3. I can't get past 800.
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User Info: Supergoron

9 years ago#25
yes, I still play it.
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User Info: blackboy2222

9 years ago#26
i still do its one of the best old games around.

User Info: ChickenatorRob

9 years ago#27
To get past modern DK3 just fire all your shots at the begining in the middle refill one drop fire that shoot and repeat.

User Info: blackboy2222

9 years ago#28
yeah thats the easist way to win

User Info: gamefreak940

9 years ago#29
I still play this game, but I stink. I only have 35 stars.

User Info: AdamantBMage

9 years ago#30
Picked it up yesterday, amassed 75 stars in one evening.

Okay, I admit a number of them came from games I had played before on earlier galleries, and I'm familiar with the timing needed in the original G&W games from playing the hell out of said earlier games.
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