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User Info: zidane4life

10 years ago#1
I can feel it... IT IS TIME gentlemen!!!

User Info: Mestophles

10 years ago#2
to 500! is this v7 or v8?
From: CJayC | Posted: 6/3/2003
GameFAQs isn't going to be merged in with GameSpot or any other site. We're not going to strip out the soul of the site.

User Info: Iretep

10 years ago#3
No idea. Has anyone actually counted?
"Your mother is like my thoughts on socio-economics, every worker gets a share." -Karl Marx

User Info: Jehuty_v2

10 years ago#4
no I do not think so.

But as the King would say "PUPPIES"!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Hey don't hate the player hate the game.
Shoot the tailor."

User Info: Sunshade

10 years ago#5
*Uses ninja rebrith on topic*

The saga continues.
I hate those who think so little of there own worth.
Jubei kibagami-ninja scroll

User Info: robottobutoukai

10 years ago#6
Oh god. It seems the old one got deleted. No one mention what hath happened in previous ones. Otherwise it'll just be a bunch of posts with everyone giving their email...



Ken bubz.
"Sirent Hirr no uta, minna de utaou. Minna de, minna de, utamiasyou!"

User Info: vash2022

10 years ago#7

How do you ejaculate the parachute?-PoL4RiZ talking about sky jokeys on conker:L&RL

User Info: mista_janga

10 years ago#8
Looks like we're gonna end up with another 500 post thread filled with random people's emails.
Cows love everyone.

User Info: ziggelito

10 years ago#9
They are indeed very nice *Pervs out*
Me? I'm up for whatever.

User Info: songoku48

10 years ago#10
As good o'l J.R. would put it, " Bah Gawd Kang, get a load of those!"

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