Will somebody please help me with FF2 classes?

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User Info: sfrank877

4 years ago#1
i dont really understand how the classes work in ff2 its my understanding that they level up based on the weapons they have equipped right? how does each different weapon effect stats as they level? is there a guide or something on how to make a character acertain class? idk what kind of party i want exactly yet but im leaning towards heavy damage with some magic like the equivalence of 3 knights and maybe a black or red mage in FF1. How would i go about this? does armor effect it too?
what weapons should i lean towards for each class and which ones should i stay away from for each class? what is the ideal equipment setup for each class? thank you!

User Info: sfrank877

4 years ago#2
also, can any class use any weapons? Like if i keep having maria use swords and stuff will she be unable to use magic? So far (i barely just started) it seems like any character can use any weapon so doesnt this leave open the possibility to have a crazy OP character that can wield literally everything?
but yeah if someone can please help me understand the whole class thing and help me make a party with the highest melee damage Id appreciate it. Thanks again

User Info: Lenophis

4 years ago#3
There are no classes with FF2. Anybody can use any weapon. The weapon equipped gets stronger the more you use it. Spells you cast will get stronger as you use them.

Magic gets a penalty though, and it's based on armor you are wearing. It's a hidden penalty, and it's also extremely stupid. You pretty much need to be naked for magic to be as effective as the game wants it to be. To that end, I'd only level up Cure, Life, and one or two attack spells per character. It takes too much time otherwise.

User Info: Diamond_Dragon

4 years ago#4
I'm no expert, but I'll offer what I can until Silktail jumps in with his amazing info.

To build your characters, just make them do what you want, and that will get stronger. For example, if you want them to be good with a sword, have a sword equipped and attack with it. Your STR will increase, your sword skill will increase, etc. HP goes up by losing HP in a fight. MP goes up by using MP in a fight. Black magic increases your INT, and white magic increases your Spirit.

Shields are very helpful. They used to have a penalty to your INT/Spirit, but they don't in Origins. They raise your Evasion which means you gain AGI more often, so your Evasion increases more because of that. Generally it's a good idea to have a shield on everyone.

Stats can increase to Lv16, but for most things, that's crazy high. I finished the game with most of my best spells around Lv8. This game is generally better suited for physical attackers, so I'd just pick a few damage spells and leave the rest behind. Some enemies are very resistant to physicals, or I'd say leave the black magic altogether.

I don't remember what weapons are the best. I think there's really good swords and axes, because I made Firion use swords, and Gus use axes, and I was impressed with both of them.

In summary, this game isn't super difficult, so just do what you want with the characters, and they'll get better at what you use the most. I would suggest not to grind or use any glitches to try to level your guys, because it's really unnecessary and takes away from the fun of the game.

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful!

User Info: gamer65926592

4 years ago#5
Very helpful, thanks!
I would love to be able to use magic and stuff but when it comes to the 5 million battles you seem to run into when walking around in any FF game mages do absolutely nothing for the battle. They can't hit worth **** with any physical weapons and they only have such little MP that you have to save it for bosses and stuff. That's the main reason I want to go pretty much all physical.

What if I equip some spells on my physical characters? Will this detract from making them pure warrior builds in the long run? In other words, will their strength be lower if I give them each a couple spells as opposed to if I never give them any spells to use? Thanks!
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User Info: gamer65926592

4 years ago#6
Also I just found out I can equip two weapons on my characters. Is there any downside to doing this? Cuz right now I have Gus with an axe and a broadsword and he is owning everything. Can I give all of my characters (even my main magic wielder) dual melee weapons and then just have on of them (probably Maria) wield magic sometimes without sacrificing too much in the str area?
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User Info: orius

4 years ago#7
The main downside to dual wielding is not getting the Eva growth you get from the shields. That also hurts Agi growth, and Agi helps you attack first in battle which is better.

There are equipment penalties to magic, but it's not really that bad. Breastplates have a pretty small penalty, so use those to keep any caster you use protected. And besides, mail hurts Eva, which also hurts Agi (again), so just stick with Breastplates, at least until you get the White and Black Robes which are good for casters. Avoid most helmets and gloves, they penalize casting. Gold Hairpins, Ribbons, and Protect Rings can be used by casters without penalties however.

If you use a caster, it helps to have a dedicated caster for using black magic. The more the character uses the magic, the better they'll get at it, and they'll also tend to gain the MP you need. If you're really concerned about not having enough MP, you could use Mindu to cast Anti on the character a few times to build up the MP pool. About halfway through the game, you'll get the Osmose spell, which is very, very, good for a dedicated caster, and that basically gives you unlimited MP. Also, the instant death spells in the game, Doom, Break, and Toad can be very powerful if you train them.

A dedicated white mage is less necessary, since everyone can cast Cure and Life. A character who can cast some of the defensive spells like Blink is sometimes helpful. You only need to get the buffs up to about level 3 or 4 to be effective though. Also, Esuna is good to have for curing statuses, but you'll need it at level 5 or 6 to cure everything. I generally prefer white mage hybrid that can fight decently and cast buffs and cures effectively when necessary.

User Info: beege_man

4 years ago#8
Edit: And of course I got sniped. lol

The downside to dual-wielding weapons is that you aren't equipping a shield. Shields are very important in that they raise your evade which mitigates a lot of damage and also raises your agility. If you don't ever equip a shield you'll almost never gain agility and then you'll act last in every battle.

Teaching a couple spells to everyone doesn't detract from them in any way, so I would suggest it. It just depends on how often they use them in battle as to whether it affects their stats. If you cast a spell once every blue moon it won't affect you at all. If you cast a spell in every single battle, then your strength or endurance might suffer a tiny bit.
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User Info: gamer65926592

4 years ago#9
Ugh I'm so confused. Shields suck though! They detract from strength! And I didn't even know you get new characters and stuff from the game but I just looked up Mindu and it said he's a white wizard/mage. I don't want one of those. I just want a **** ton of damage mixed with whatever minimal spells I need to get through the physically resistant bosses.
I'm sorry I'm so newb but if someone could recommend to me exactly what weapons spells setups etc to put on my characters for the easiest/most effective damage party I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks!
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User Info: sfrank877

4 years ago#10
btw it's still TC, here. Just using both of my accounts lol sorry for any confusion
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