Will somebody please help me with FF2 classes?

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User Info: sfrank877

4 years ago#11
I'm really sorry for all the questions guys lol but another question, when I get mindu in a sec here is there a way to change him from being a white mage into being something else by giving him nothing but melee weapons? Or is that a bad idea since he kind of already starts off as one?

User Info: beege_man

4 years ago#12
Don't worry about Mindu. The person in your 4th slot is always going to come and go. You get lots of different characters there and you have no control over it. You don't even keep any of them long enough to change what type of character they are. Just focus on your top 3 guys, you'll have those 3 all game.

Shields don't reduce your strength, it just seems like it because you only have one weapon instead of two dealing damage. Don't worry, as your weapon levels go up, you'll do more damage with the weapon. Towards the end of the game you can switch back to dual wielding weapons, but you first need to get some agility built up.

My suggested setup is this:

Firion - Sword/Shield - White Magic (not a lot, just make him your main healer in battle so he gains some spirit)
Maria - Dagger/Shield - Black Magic (just focus on raising a couple black spells)
Gus - Axe/Shield - Just Cure and Life as backups
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User Info: gamer65926592

4 years ago#13
Awesome that works I'll definitely try that out thanks a lot!
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User Info: silktail

4 years ago#14
Diamond_Dragon posted...
I don't remember what weapons are the best. I think there's really good swords and axes, because I made Firion use swords, and Gus use axes, and I was impressed with both of them.

All weapons have high and low points as you collect upgrades.
E.g. You might be getting new powerful Axes and stuck with the same old Sword. Then you get new Swords and no axes for a while.

Because weapons are easier to train, you could get around this by learning a second weapon type. But that does mean carrying extra weapons and swapping them around for different battles (train weak weapons on weak enemies?).

Of course there are other major differences with some of the weapons:
- Fists are more based on weapon level. So easy to power up at the beginning, but difficult towards the end. (Can't duel wield.)
- Bows can attack from the back row, but need both hands to hold. (I.e. No shield, nor duel wielding.)
- Shield do no damage, but offer a lot more Evasion% per level than most weapons. Some have elemental resistances too.

Hold one weapon in both hands lets you put more Strength into the damage.
Duel wielding a second weapon give extra attacks from it (although weaker & less accurate).

Evasion% is a pretty useful stat and it helps you gain Agility which give more Evasion%. So you will avoid more hits of an attack, act before more enemies, flee battles easier, etc. (For an easier game just boost Evasion%)
Also some weapons can give as much Evasion% as a Shield. (Meaning that you can swap to duel-wielding sooner if you have one.)

gamer65926592 posted...
What if I equip some spells on my physical characters? Will this detract from making them pure warrior builds in the long run? In other words, will their strength be lower if I give them each a couple spells as opposed to if I never give them any spells to use?

A dedicated Fighter type, White Magic type, or Black Magic type would gain their stats quicker.

Red Mage-like hybrids would obviously take longer to build up everything. But I guess you don't plan to build their magic side much.

if someone could recommend to me exactly what weapons spells setups etc to put on my characters for the easiest/most effective damage party I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

For a mostly physical party; I would recommend the Berserk black magic to boost attack power, which is useful against defensive enemies.
You can even stack it (to max attack-power), if it's only at a low level. (You still keep control of the character unlike later FF games.)
Warlocks on the over-world North-West of Fynn occasionally drop it.

Likewise Haste is also recommended when you get it. As it gives more hits in an attack.

Meanwhile for a party with dedicated mages; I personally prefer instant-kill spells.
I.e. The group instant-kill spell should remove most of the enemies, while the fighter-type can mop up the remainder.

I believe Toad (black), Mini (white) and Life (for undead) are still the most accurate in this version. But any will do once you build up their spell levels.

User Info: sfrank877

4 years ago#15
Wow man you rock thanks. ONE last question (I think lol) when you're talking about the berserk spell should I give it to one of my warriors to cast on themselves, give it to my 4th slot character, etc?

User Info: orius

4 years ago#16
Don't give spells to your 4th slot character except maybe Cure. All but the last one leave permanently at some point, so the effort of leveling will be wasted.

User Info: beege_man

4 years ago#17
One tip I forgot to mention is you usually want to avoid putting anyone in the back row. They won't get attacked and as such they will very rarely ever take any damage which means they won't ever get HP ups.
298/298 9/7/6/6/5/5/4/2 H8 Pu2 Pa1 E1 Int/MDef: 35/70
HDCEA: 70/38/3/78/17 Resist: Fire/Lit AtkElem: Lit

User Info: sfrank877

4 years ago#18
as n00b as I am, that part I actually knew. Haha thanks though everyone!
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