How to get into Emperor cup?

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User Info: LALaker

8 years ago#1


I really need your help. I completed the big 4 tournaments and reached breeder lvl 10. But before i even entered the emperor's cup, my monster had to retire:(

I don't understand.. If i were to start with another monster, would i have to enter all 4 tournaments again? Wouldn't that be extremely pointless as i would have to retire this monster yet again before even reaching the emperor cup?

Please advise me. Thank you

User Info: alikatz1111

8 years ago#2
You do need to beat the 4 major tournaments again with the new monster. The trick is to have your monster still have lifespan at that point.

Combine your previous monster (or make it a coach if you need good coaches) and try and train your next monster better. Each monster has a set max lifespan which ticks down each week it lives on your ranch. Monsters also take lifespan hits from being tired and stressed so make sure to rest the monster or use items before such problems hurt it. Some lifespan hits may be necessary (such as sparring). Monsters with the trait Iron Heart will are also useful since they can go a bit longer without tiring out.

Also make sure you are only training 2-3 stats. Trying to train all stats will result in a weaker monster as all its training was spread out. Decide if your monster is a power type (uses mostly the yellow moves) or an intelligent type (uses mostly green moves). Then pick another stat or two ( I suggest accuracy and speed/def/life) to concentrate in. Here's an example for a zuum I'd train it in Power, Accuracy. and Speed. Also remember that the type of monster doesn't matter, it's the training method that makes them great. Good luck with your next monster : )
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User Info: lil_literalist

8 years ago#3
Monsters also take major lifespan hits from tournament battling (as opposed to the unplanned ones like strays or special events). Unless you're really hard-up for cash and don't have another monster that can fight, stick to the official tourneys that you need to move up.

Once you gain more experience raising monsters, you'll learn more about just how much you can push them. For now, though, you may as well be overly cautious than find yourself in that situation again.

Also, another strategy that may help is freezing your monster in-between battles. If you're confident that you can win the Big 4 tournaments and the Emperor's Cup, and you think that your monster is about to retire, then you can freeze your monster in-between battles and invites, and raise another monster.
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