Hail Zeon

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User Info: Blairville

6 years ago#11
Arcade's worth going through on all the routes. Have you unlocked the mobile armors?
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User Info: NoTruthNoProb

6 years ago#12
Not yet, I've only finished Zeon's arcade mode. I've been playing arcade mode with my little cousin. We've been going through the Zeon side using the Zock/Rick Dom (mine) and Gyan/Gelgoog (his). I didn't really enjoy the Gundams all that much, I don't really know why.
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User Info: NeoZeon

6 years ago#13
Sieg Zeon!!! GO Char I still play the game sometime's when i get bored
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User Info: Zaltera

6 years ago#14
My slim PS2 just died, unfortunately. I'd be playing right now otherwise.

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