Leveling Spots?

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User Info: patrickVaan

8 years ago#1
Hey since there is no leveling guide in the FAQs,can anyone be kind enough to list the best traning spots for each 5 levels?
Grinding in Digimon World 3 is one of the hardest,so without help it can be pure hell.
I just beat Byakko Leader(real) and has a lv25 Kotemon,a lv22 Renamon and a lv20 Patamon.

User Info: MercilessOne987

8 years ago#2
Really? That's fine. But from where you are right now, I'd stay near Mirage Tower or Pelche Oasis and train around there. You'll have a healing and MP restoration stop nearby just in case things get hairy. Train around there until your digimon are at least level 27 and higher to be on the safer side of things. Then you can continue.

Or if you want it really easy. Equip an ice power 1 or 2 on your digimon and fish out Shellmons from Plug Cape. They give decent EXP. Another spot that always helps is the Jungle Shrine. with Zanbamon. The blue numemon are rather tough, but are weak against magic attacks, and if your partners are strong enough, you can get some serious EXP from them. Even when you get farther and stronger, the blue numemon are still worth it. You can fight Zanbamon too for some good EXP if you haven't yet. The gym with Garudamon is nearby those areas so you can use TP to raise stats, and Suzuka City is too for your HP/MP needs.
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User Info: ChaosBeelzemon

8 years ago#3
You can fish Dolphmon in Pelche Oasis. Guardromon and an Inn are in the same area.

User Info: patrickVaan

8 years ago#4
GOsh i really need help...
I decided to train my Veemon and he's now level 7..
But i find traning very hard and i do not have the right equips..
I reached the part where i have to infiltrate the AOA HQ in Asuka City,so there is no way i can access the Heavy Armory..

User Info: ChaosBeelzemon

8 years ago#5
Go to the Catacombs in the South Sector. Start a battle against a Musyamon and immediately switch your Veemon for a stronger Digimon. Do this until Veemon is strong enough to defeat other Digimon by himself.

User Info: RGZ_91b_Custom

8 years ago#6
Same, I just got access to the dark server, can anyone point me to a good grinding location? Main two digimon are in the Upper 30's, does anyone know an optimal grinding location [easy fights, lots of exp, relatively close to a save point (especially if its on the dark server), etc.]?
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User Info: ChaosBeelzemon

8 years ago#7
Try the Numemon in the Asuka Server's Jungle Shrine.

User Info: ninjabay

8 years ago#8
that is a good spot but the oasis is better cause you have an inn
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User Info: Poke_maniac_01

8 years ago#9
My favorite leveling spot, when ur strong enough are the Tuskmon at Plug Cape. Its GREAT since their in one spot and nothing else shows up!
I'm so new i think this is cool...lol...!

User Info: BeelzemontZero

8 years ago#10
Fiahing is the best way to train,since you can control when you want an encounter without need to run & run around like crazy ^^

and one of the best is Pelche Oasis(both Pelche Oasis, AM/AS)
AS with Dolphmon & AM with Ebidramon,since you just right in front of inn when you fishing ^^
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