Making a fan-made Digimon RPG

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User Info: RedRaptor10

6 years ago#1
Okay I am posting this here because no one at the RPG Maker XP board knows anything about Digimon. Sorry if this is considered off-topic, but it's still about Digimon right?

As a fan of Digimon World 3 and the rest of the Digimon series, last year I started a Digimon RPG game in RPG Maker XP. My idea was to make it have 3 fighters in battle instead of 1 (like Digimon World 2). Here's a list of what it includes:

- A Digivolving system where you have bar similar to the Blast Gauge in this game. When it's full, you can choose from a list which digivolution you want.

- A monster capture system where you bring a digi-egg to the "day-care" to hatch. The rookie form of the egg joins your party. Originally, I had it where each enemy had a 10% chance of dropping their digi-egg.

- A Digimon Analyzer (similar to the one in the show) that displays information of each digimon you encounter.

- Party switch system where you can switch around your digimon. You will be able to hold all of your digimon. The digimon that join you will be Rookie level. If I remember correctly, there are around 20-30 Rookie digimon.

- Password system which allows you to access secret digi-eggs or other items.

- Digivolutions will have branches similar to this game. Here's an example:
``>Greymon (Lv20)
````>MetalGreymon (Lv40, use Greymon in battle at Lv40, then level up to learn this digivolution)
``````>WarGreymon (Lv60, use MetalGreymon in battle at Lv60, then level up to learn this digivolution)
``````>AncientGreymon (Lv80, etc.)
``>Tyrannomon (Lv30)
To be able to learn the next level, the previous level has to be at a certain level. So to get MetalGreymon, you'd have to use Greymon in battle THEN level up. This adds a lot more fun in trying to get the stronger evolutions.

- Digivolutions will be at the same level as the Rookie. They will learn new Techs depending on the Rookie's level. Let's say Agumon was at Lv25 then evolved to Greymon. At Lv25, Greymon would know how to use Flame Breath.

- Digivolutions will be balanced. Example: Greymon gets x1.25 boost in ATK, while MetalGreymon gets x1.25 boost in DEF.

If you want to see some pictures, here they are. Please note that the game looks really bad. These were from last year:

Digimon Analyzer:
Party Switcher:
Field and Piximon Saving:

I still don't have everything down such as the plot, making everything look better, and how to distribute stats to enemies/bosses. I don't know how to incorporate DNA digivolving, as the digivolving system was made by someone else. I plan to work some more on this game over the summer. Working on this game is a fun experience and I hope you all like the idea. :D

User Info: ChronoCross1992

6 years ago#2
Sounds like a pretty great idea! Make sure you keep us updated on your progress and when you let it out for playing! :)

User Info: Mewseeker

6 years ago#3
Sound interesting. How is it going so far?
A suggestion so far : make the gameplay faster than the one in Digimon World 2. X D
IMHO, what matter first is a solid gameplay.
If the game is fun to play, many people will forgive you if the plot is lacking.
And I suppose that graphics can be updated after the core game is completed.
93% of statistics are made up anyway.

User Info: RedRaptor10

6 years ago#4
The last time this game was worked on was last summer and it was really bad. It started out with the normal "kid wakes up in the digi-world" plot. You try to find your way out of a forest and at the end of the forest is a boss Kuwagamon. The problem was that the first boss appeared too early in the plot.

Well, I plan to work on it once school is over. I think I'll remake the plot.

User Info: Retrostarman87

6 years ago#5
I'm interested. Sounds pretty cool, actually. The story doesn't matter imo, just as long as the digivolution charts are good (which looks like it) and gameplay not broken (without grinding please! It is one thing I always hated about most Digimon games), I would love playing it.
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User Info: CrimsonAdonix

6 years ago#6
To be Honest, this game is already Good looking and even looks Awesome, so please continue working on it, and Don't give up, Your making us Happy, Thanks for all your hard work :D
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User Info: ninjabay

6 years ago#7
sounds good and about the boss being to early games always have a boss for the first level
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User Info: leonkakashi

6 years ago#8
I think it's better for you to use RMVX..

But I guess you already started it
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User Info: Ebil_Zidane

6 years ago#9
Woah this looks awesome! I have tried to make games before, but never got very far. Good luck with this, I think it's a great idea.
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User Info: Mamemon

6 years ago#10
Kunemon>Thundermon>Mamemon>MetalMamemon or BigMamemon or MameTyrannomon>PrinceMamemon.

This needs to be in.
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