Seemingly Useless Doors

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User Info: Ephraim225

8 years ago#1
The seemingly useless locked doors in this game bug me like heck. I played this game again for no reason and noticed the door in the entrance hall marked "Out of Bounds" was I went in...and found - get this - A KNOCKBACK JINX UPGRADE. Like in the first game. And it's just as useless too. But the opposite wall in this room is completely black and spells go straight through it. Also, when you pick up the item Harry shouts "Incendio" for no reason. Did they even finish this room?

Anyways, what bugs me is there's another locked door marked "Keep Out". What's this door for? And there's ANOTHER unused, locked door outside, around the left side of the castle, this time unmarked. What's with all this? Finally, a door in the dungeons is marked "Potions Class" but it's never used. So, anyone know how to open these doors?

And while I'm at it, anyone know how to get into the door marked "Broom Cupboard" in the first game?

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