*** General Strategy Thread ***

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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#1
Hi Guys!

Welcome to the *** General Strategy Thread ***

Since the other Strategy Thread had a misleading name, a new topic has been created. Fret not, all the information previously found int hat topic, will now be found here! Just be sure to post here instead of there, ok?

Please contribute! I've already asked for Split Infinity's colaboration... this is a thread from gamers, to gamers, ok?

Make this topic useful... for you, and for others!

And without much more to say, I'll post all the tips which have been given so far. Please don't post until I say so, ok?
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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#2
Here's an useful tip!

You probably already know about the Catnip Gunner Strategy, right? It's all about making your Gunner Critical (yellow HP), and then using Trigger Happy, each hit will hit for 9999 dmg. It's a great strategy against bosses!

What you can *Still* not know, is that if you target your enemy's MP with Catnip equiped, ou can take it all... which means that bosses, especially the two final bosses from Via Infinito, can lose ALL their MP in one shot... and no need to waste items! :)

Catnip is obtained in Via Infinito, after killing lv. 40's boss. Still, in the Japanese version, you'll get Enterprise (Break HP Limit!). So how do you get Enterprise in the American Version? First, don't attempt Moonflow mission in chapter 1, then in chapter 2 those musicians will be in your cabin, Tobli is there too. Push him to the elevator first, them follow by the rest. Then he will reward you with Enterprise. (special thanks to Centarox for this information)

I'll also post here a strategy I used in my previous game, and which allowed me to win agaisnt Azi Daharka (or whatever) and the final boss.

Yuna: Lady Luck
Rikku: Alchemist
Paine: Dark Knight

Lady Luck starts by performing Random Reels, and tries to align 777 in order to perform CONGRATS! This either finishes the battle or gives you lots of money. Anyway, since these bosses are note "bribeable", after this, I used Item Reels and ligned up 3 Bars. All my gals would get Mighty Guard+ (Protect, Shell, Regen and DEF and MDEF +10). After that, it's all about using either Magic Reels (777 = Ultima) or Random Reels (Flower Flower Flower = Cry in the Night), for Massive Damage.

Meanwhile, Alchemist is all about Mega-Potion, so that characters get healthy!

Paine is a Dark Knight, so use Darkness and occasionaly Black Sky (chained with Lady Luck's Four Dice or an Elemental Gem! Just make sure you are really winning the battle before trying this...)

It may occur that you get dispelled, or that your alchemist isn't enough to support the party. In that case, use Mighty Guard+ again (better then use items) or use Item Reels and line 777, which gives you a Megalixir+! It recovers up to 9999 HP and up to 999 MP for all girls, any girls that are KO-ed are revived as well!!!

For those who think they won't be able to line up some many things, do the "Start Button Trick". While the reels are moving, you can press start to pause, and see which symbol will come next. That'll help A LOT!!!
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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#3
Oh, here's something you also might want to know:

There are Several ways to get Ribbon, you know? Not just 2 in a game... so here are all of them!:

- Get in Bevelle's underground in CH2, CH4 or CH5
- Get after killing Angra Mainyu
- Get by Common Bribing Oversouled Flailing Ochu in Zanarkand, CH3
- Get by Rare Bribing Omega Weapon
- Get by Common Bribing Oversouled Omega Weapon
- Get by Rare Bribing Ultima Weapon
- Get by Common Bribing Oversouled Ultima Weapon
- Get by calibrating the 10th tower in Thunder Plains.

Also, note that CONGRATS! can be used instead of Bribe! You get money, AP and EXP, which you wouldn't get with Bribe, but you may also recieve less items occasionaly...

BTW, since we are talking about CONGRATS!, I don't know if you know about CONGRATS! Trick. It is used to get LOADS of money really really quickly!

If you read the rest of the post, you have already learned that if you use CONGRATS!, you win Gil (equivalent the the amount of Gil you'd have to pay if you wanted to bribe the respective fiend). Now, if you use CONGRATS! on a fiend immune to bribe, you'll still get money, but he won't go away. So fight a fiend immune to bribe (I suggest machina or bosses, such as azi daharka or whatever his name is), and use CONGRATS! like there's no tomorrow! Remember to use the Pause Trick if necessary!!!

P.S.: For those who have forgotten, CONGRATS! is used by lining up 777 on Lady Luck's Random Reels.

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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#4
Here's a contribution by Jackoliov

I'm only on Chapter 2 so I'm sure I have a lot to learn about battling strategy, but if you're new to the game, don't neglect your White Mage dressphere. You get it very early on in the game and it will be immensely useful in random battles and boss encounters alike. Shell, Protect and Reflect are all immensely useful spells against bosses, and the Pray command allows you to heal 50-70 HP worth every round INSTANTLY... no waiting for casting.

Combine White Mage with two Warriors, a Warrior and a Mage, or really any other Dressphere, and early in the game you will have lots of trouble dying :).
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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#5
Here's a contribution by Saurontheblack

Here are a few general battle tips:

Chain your attacks! One of the most useful features in this game is the ability to time your attacks so that they do more damage. Basically, the last hit in a combo will do the most damage, so set up your heavy hitters to come in last. For big damage, use Trigger Happy and time the other girls to attack just as it ends. At TH lvl. 3, thats 28-30 attacks! Hell, you could use another Trigger Happy immidietly following the first for even more hits! A great early game combo I have used is two have two gunners and a warrior. Have the Gunners use TH in succesion, and time the Warrior to use Flameberg(or any of the other elemental sword attacks. Excalibur is nice, too.) right as the second one ends. This attack will fall at about hit number 35-40, doing an incredible amount of damage for so early in the game. Very useful on bosses.

What happens when you take 2 Dark Knights, add an Alchemist, and then spam moves that hurt yourself? No, you don't get a popular anime, you get the strategy to end all strategies! Its simple: The Dark Knights use Darkness, the Alchemist uses Stock Mega-Potion. The baddies go BLARG, you go YAY, the victory song plays, and everybody wins(well, except the fiends). This strategy can and most likely will win every battle quite easily(with the exception of a few baddies in the Via Infinito.)

Looking to Oversoul a rare enemy, but don't want to have to camp a spot for hours and hours waiting to kill enough of it to get it? Well, the wait is over. As you know, Oversouls appear when you have killed a certain amount of enemy type, not just a certain enemy. But did you know that Oversouls can be carried on from battle to battle? Thats right, once you have Oversouled a common enemy, just run from the battle. Go find a rare one of the same type, and BAM! It will be Oversouled, and ripe for the slaying!(Just make sure you don't kill any of its type before encountering it)

Tired at sucking at Blitzball? About to burst a blood vessel every game you lose 9-0 in the first half? Ready to throttle the closest person, pet, or plant you can get your hands on every time you see that ball go sailing past Shinra's nerdy little ass? Well.....so am I. Really, no good advice coming from this well, as I rather suck at FF X-2 Blitzball(though I find it to be pretty fun, none the less). As for Shinra....well, don't use him. Trust me, there is no way you are going to make that any good.

Speaking of Shinra, that boy may not be the best Blitzer, but he is the best hotshot Sphere Break player this side of the Moonflow. He almost seems to have that tournament in Luca rigged, what with his 50 Quota and extremely unfair sphere(I once got 1 4 times in a row.). Chances are, you probably aren't going to beat him. No offense to your skills, he is just really, really good at the game. But, even he has a weakness behind those goggles. Go back to Luca in Ch. 5, head to the Locker Rooms, and demand a rematch from Shinra. That boy is gonna lose that Dressphere, and he is gonna like it! Thats right, we are gonna tear that 100 Quota right.......oh, I forgot to mention, he is twice as hard now ^_^. But not to fret, not even he can stand before the mighty Geoparella! Thats right, what once was a rather annoying and weak enemy will now become your saving grace against the goggled menace. Head to Kilika, and talk to the Camera man near the Youth League Headquarters(NOTE: You can only get over there if you have accepted the Camera Man's offer to look at the Stadium in chapters 1, 3, and 5.) Talk to the kid on the island to get the coins you need. Now, go back to Luca, and claim your dressphere!


You can post now. Please help us, and let us help you :)
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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#6
One thing I've been wondering... what's your Trigger Happy's usual number of hits? Mine is 12, but I've heard some people saying that they got 20! Man, that must be fast as hell, no?
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User Info: centarox

12 years ago#7
There are many kinds of attack/ability could deal very high damage from 80k to 99999, or even more!

Notice that i have max strength and magic when i doing this, wtih all sorts of magic defense down and defense down.and i tested them against weak fiends. some of them are critical hits

1. Finale ( 99999 without any escape count)

2. Momentum ( 99999 damage if you killed 99999 fiends)

3. Rikku special DSP's Varja ( max lvl,with str+10lvl, and Def -10 lvl on enemy)

4. Yuna SDSP ability Great Whirl- around 15k damage for 12 hits ( around 180k + damage,although it didnt did shows 99999 but total damage exceed it)

5. Paine's SDSP ability Sword Dance - do around 85k for 2 hits ( that is 160k damage!)

6.Ultima- ( same thing, have max magic, and magic+10, magic defense-10 on enemy.)

7.Flare- DO around 80k but not perfect 99999

8.Moogle beam- very high strength ( 255 str+Critical, or possbly Magic+10 lvl)

9.Cactling Gun - (same thing as Moogle Beam, str+10 to raise damage)

10.Supernova- do 99999 with magic up and down

11.Cry in The Night- ( same as Supernova)

12.Gun mage's Fiend Hunter abilities- ( Use any of them against specific class of Fiend that ability use for. For example, Use "Anti-Aircraft" against a Bird, the damage will be x4 efffective, usually with max str, str+10lvl, and Def-10 lvl, plus Critical will ensure you always get 99999)

13. Holy - it might do around 40k+ damage, but with cat nip it can do 79992.

14.Tableturner- on Black elemental. my gunner have str+10 lvl and luck +10, black elemental have def+10 lvl, it does around 80k to 85k. consider it is a critical hit.I Use Tableturner on Trema with max str,str+10lvl, and it can hit 99999 with critical.

15. Spare Change- 99999 with millions of gil.

16.Mortar- 99999 damage with critical ( rarely, i often does around 95k)

17.Annihilator - same as Mortar

18.Fireworks - same as Mortar.

19.Sparkler- Same as Mortar

20. Yuna trainer DSP's special ability Pound!- can reach 99999 easily without Critical.

21. Rukku'a Trainer DSP ability Swarm!- same as Pounds!

22.Paine's Maulwings - same as Swarm!

23. Alchemist's Mix White Hole and Archangel- if you equip with cat nip and low on Hp, these will do 9999 for 8 hits ( although only 79992, but only mix a holy water and a potion will hit that much damage, that is so Cheap!)

24. Black Sky- deal around 20k damage for 10 hits randomly on fiends, that is 200k damage!

25. Dark Knight's Charon - with Hp of 32130, dark knight does 64260 damage.

26.Instinct's Mad Rush - Deal 99999 damage ( what else can i say ?)

27. Gunner's Trigger happy with cat nip - everyone's favorite. deal 9999 per hit when hp is yellow.

28. Lady luck's two dice and four dice with Cat Nip- same as trigger happy with Catnip

there might be some more, so keep your eyes out.
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User Info: centarox

12 years ago#8
Super Heal

Beside Damage, you can heal a lot of Hp ( more than 9999) with some setup

1. Moogle Curaja - it is base on your max hp, heals 62% of your max Hp without shell. my Mascot with 39k Hp can heal more than 24k( but since auto-shell is in the way, 12k heals); one thing though, if you heal any boss with hell lots of hp ( those in Via infinito), it will heal 99999 on them.

2. Gunner Trigger happy with Cat nip- yup, beside deal a lot of damage. it cna also heal your ally, equip you ally with element absorb accessory, or garment grid. for example, have you party equip with crimson ring ( fire eater), and your gunner are low on Hp. use trigger happy on one of your ally ( not you, because you will be stunned), and watch 9999 healing stack up. note that thsi wont work with Lady Luck's Two dice and Four dice.

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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#9
?? Can you aim Trigger Happy at your own party ??
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User Info: Blues003

12 years ago#10
bargh... no-one is posting!
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