Can you buy Ether in this game?

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  3. Can you buy Ether in this game?

User Info: RedRaider110887

9 years ago#1
I feel that the MP counts are really low and I don't have a ton of Ethers.

User Info: 17Master

9 years ago#2
Ethers cannot be purchased, but there are plenty available in treasure chests that provide them. Also, there are a few dresspheres that have MP draining skills, so have the girls learn those abilities, and you can switch, drain MP, and switch back if needed.
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User Info: WalkThruWalls

9 years ago#3
You can buy them in Calm Lands for a mere 500 Credits ( 5000 Gil ). You can steal them from Divebeaks, which are easy to find in Calm Lands or Mi'ihen. If it oversouls, steal and escape, repeat.

User Info: paulstreet

9 years ago#4
Bribe Tonberry in Mushroom Rock (about 65K gil) for Ether x99

then flee. He moves really slow, so it's not hard! :)
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  3. Can you buy Ether in this game?

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