Story-Plot Summary? does one exist?

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User Info: RedCross_Knight

8 years ago#1
OK! So I finally beat FFX-2! Glad it's over with.

Thinking it over, I find it difficult to trace out the story of the game. This is partially due to the loose nature of the plot sequences. But, what about the core story?

Does anyone know where I can get a story/plot summary of the FFX-2?
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User Info: this_dude

8 years ago#2
get the secret ending and you'll understand more.
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User Info: RedCross_Knight

8 years ago#3
I don't really have the time or patience to play the game through for any of the other endings. I made my request not because I don't know how the ending fits, but because I wanted to see the flow of the core story. FFX-2 is set up to feel more like a series of choice events then a traditional narrative driven JRPG. This doesn't mean that there isn't a plot. It just means it's played out differently. Because of this difference I was unable to follow the game as well as I would have liked.

So my request still stands.
There is no neutral position. We all have our presuppositions.

User Info: mad_hax_man

8 years ago#4
did you complete the Crimson Sphere side quest? Because it is a to explain if you have

User Info: RedCross_Knight

8 years ago#5
No I didn't finish that particular quest. I was in such a hurry to finish the game I just farmed for EXP till I was able to beat the game. Perhaps I should have played that portion. meh. oh well.
There is no neutral position. We all have our presuppositions.

User Info: OverratedSage

8 years ago#6
Are there any particular questions you have about the plot, or did you just want to get a general summary? I might be able to give a kinda-sorta plot summary if you like...I don't know where there are any to read, anyway.
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User Info: mad_hax_man

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: mad_hax_man

8 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: mad_hax_man

8 years ago#9

Alot of this stuff is from the optional side quest, especially the Crimson Sphere side quest

The first part we learn about mainly through Machen in Ch 4, although we learn some of it through the Crimson sp
-1000 years ago, there was the Machina war between Zanarkand and Bevelle
-During the war, Pop musician Lenne was drafted into the front lines, due to being a summoner.
-Her Boyfriend, Shuyin, tried to sneak into Bevelle to use Bevelles secret weapon, Vegnagun, against them. Lenne approaches him, but the two are caught and killled. Shuyins spirit is placed inside the Den of Woe, where he is forced to witness his own death for 1000 years, chipping away at his sanity. Lennes memories manifest themselves in the form of a dress sphere.
-Sin arrives, the age of Yevon begins

We learn this through Paine in chp 3, as well as through some of the Crismson Spheres
-2 years prior to this game, around the time of Yuna's pilgremage (FFX), Sins destruction
-The Yevon church starts up an organizatio called the Crimson squad. Had it survived, members would have been sent as elite warriors, and been in charge of the armed forces. As part of the training excersises, Nooj, Baralai and Gippal are put together, Paine records their progress
-The final exercise, on the same day as Opperation Mi'hein is to enter the Den of Woe. Shuyin drives most of the members insane, forcing them to kill each other. while also showing them images of Vegnagun. Baralai, Gippal and Paine are able to escape, but Shuyin enters into Nooj, where he hides over the next few years
-Kinoc orders that Gippal, Nooj and Baralai are killed because they hav learned about Vegnagun. They escape, and the four of them go their own ways, into hiding. Baralai goes to Kinoc's rival, Seymour, where he gets associated with the hidden side of the Yevon church

We learn the following in Ch 1, through Machen, Gippal and Rikku
-The two years leading up the events of FFX-2
-A man named Trema starts the New Yevon party, a conservitive party. About 1 year in Trema, in secret, gathers many of the spheres on Spira's history, and vanishes.
-In response, Nooj starts up the Youth League to oppose the New Yevon. Over the following year, tensions bulid up, and fighting becomes common. Shuyin, who was looking for Lenne while hiding in Nooj, looses all faith in humanity, and decides he will use Vegnagun to destroy Spira.
-Gippal starts up the Machine Faction-a group of Al Bhed's dedicated to reintroducing Machina into Spira society (this includes getting older machines to work, adn making newer ones)
-Rikku, Brother and co start up the Sphere hunters known as the Gullwings

We learn the following from Yuna at the beginning of FFX-2
-Just before the events of FFX-2.
-Baralai comes out of hiding, and becomes the Prator of New Yevon
-Paine joins the Gullwings in order to find out answers about Vegnagun
-Kimahri finds a sphere of Shuyin, mistaking him for Tidus. This leads Yuna to join the Gull wings.
-the Gullwings finds Lenne's dress sphere, but it, along with Yuna's garmet grid are stolen by Leblanc, leading to the introduction of FFX-2

User Info: mad_hax_man

8 years ago#10

The events of FFX-2
-Nooj, The Gullwings and Leblanc find out Vegnaguns location. While partly influenced by Shuyin, Nooj sets out in secret (optional). However, Vegnagun sense's Nooj's hostility towards it, and flees to the farplane
-The Fayth return, and try to stop Shuyin, but becomes corrupted by his influence. Shuyin jumps from Nooj to Baralai. Unlike Nooj, Baralai has no intention of destroying Vegnagun, so Vegnagun won't flee when he approaches.
-While battling Ixion, Yuna falls into the farplane, where she meets up with Shuyin. Lenne's memories begin reacting to Shuyins presence, leading Shuyin to mistake Yuna for Lenne. Shuyin continues chasing Vegnagun with Nooj and Gippal chasing him. Tidus's spirit leads Yuna out of the farplane.
-Yuna temporarily causes pecae between New Yevon and the Youth League
-The Gullwings and the Leblance syndicate join Gippal and Nooj in the farplane. Due to its old age, Vegnagun is rusty, and is able to be beaten by the 8 of them.
-Shuyin once again mistakes Yuna for Lenne, and lets Baralai go. After realising she is not Lenne, he becomes angry
-After a brief battle with Shuyin, Lenne manifest herself infront of the group, and is able to calm Shuyin down. The two of them come to gripes with their deaths, and become sent. The 9 human characters return to the surface.
-Nooj and Baralai apologise to their followers, and the 3 of them (Nooj, Baralai and Gippal) promise a more united tomorrow. Yuna returns home, where she leaves the gullwings to live a quiet life on Besaid.

This is a brief summary (of course I am missing out things like Leblanc's love for Nooj, or the more personal conflict between N, B, and Gippal, and there is little to no mention of Yuna's charcater development). FFX-2 is more about the culture and the side stories of the new Spira as opposed to this main story, so it really dosen't do the game all the justice it deserves.
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