Al Kharid Pit Scorpions

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User Info: ShipoopiLOL

8 years ago#1
When do those ****** little scorpions in the Al Kharid Mining Pit stop attacking you (what combat level)?
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User Info: Farrow_Quicktoe

8 years ago#2
At double their combat level.
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User Info: MasterSword546

8 years ago#3
At double thier combat lvl +1.
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User Info: gibsonlepaul

8 years ago#4
At double thier combat lvl +2

User Info: matthawk123

8 years ago#5
theyll stop attacking ou when they feel like it

User Info: smellsmellsmell

8 years ago#6
U gota kill all the scorpion kings in the game. When you do, you will be the new king and they will stop attacking you.
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User Info: gamingsmylife

8 years ago#7
At double thier combat lvl +1.


At double thier combat lvl +2

This too.
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User Info: mx2a

8 years ago#8
So at combat level 29.
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User Info: ryyaann

8 years ago#9
So at combat level 30.
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User Info: Vidy_ogamasta

8 years ago#10
So at combat level 31.
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