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User Info: TranslatorTom

6 years ago#1
I noticed all of these posts asking for updates.

The situation has not changed at all.

Kingcom still needs to hack Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai before he will proceed with Dragon Quest Monsters 1 and 2.

He has not given up on the project, but he is not working on it actively at the moment.

User Info: GizMoMan798

6 years ago#2
ahwell. what can you do :(

User Info: TranslatorTom

6 years ago#3
He rarely appears online, but I will try to convince him.

The thing holding up Oriental Blue is the graphics hacking, because Deets is working together with him on that... Two opportunities for the project to get slowed down, really. If either one of them isn't working, the whole thing is stalled, and DQM 1 and 2 is stalled by extension.

User Info: King_Zenith

6 years ago#4
Anything you can do to nudge him along (on either project) is appreciated. Thanks!

User Info: TranslatorTom

6 years ago#5
I spoke to him.

He said he's working on Oriental Blue.

User Info: King_Zenith

6 years ago#6
Do you know what his work queue is like? I seem to recall that there were a couple of projects between Oriental Blue and DQM1+2.

User Info: shoemakajake

6 years ago#7
Thanks for keeping in touch with us :)
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User Info: TranslatorTom

6 years ago#8
I don't know if there are any between OB and DQM.

I remember some robot game as well, but I think that was started after.

He goes in the order the projects started. DQM was started before it was revealed.

User Info: Oblivon

6 years ago#9
Well, uh-- have at it, gents. And good work.

User Info: stunt296

6 years ago#10
Since you are a translator and are working on this game, can you please explain to me why I can't get the boss Servant to join me? He declines my sorloins and all other meat for some reason. Whn i use them they stay in my inventory :S
What is your operating system,the system that you are operating??

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