DQM1 3DS remake confirmed!

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User Info: Demonwing13

6 years ago#1
Insanity Prelude
Starcraft 2 - Chrona/389

User Info: TranslatorTom

6 years ago#2
Not looking forward to it, myself.

I hate the chasing down monsters gameplay that they put into Joker, and you know they'll put that system into part 1... And if they translate it, they're going to use that "BLOIMEY, GUVNAH! Wotta bloody conundrum we've wound up waddling into, what? Alliteration, alliteration!" style of translating that I despise.

I want to get DQM 1 and 2 out before they release that 3DS version.

User Info: GizMoMan798

6 years ago#3
Why must square ruin everything i love.

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