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If The Scouring was 980 years ago, does that mean Fire Emblem 7 was planned?slk_23310/25 11:53AM
Is it feasible to do a Ranked run using a low tier character in your main team?MagcargoExpress28/27 7:42AM
Speculation on the Parentage of the Units Present in FE6HappyDittoz31148/7 10:26AM
Hard Mode SS-Rank runDome89x17/25 1:19AM
Challenge ideas- making Hard Mode hardercpthurme56/6 4:36PM
Did an iron man for the first time, it was funOsumnis16/2 10:54AM
Do Supports Actually Do Anything?alecahol105/30 10:17PM
Lance has been very crappy the whole game, whereas Alan has shined.Willy_Wackr35/21 9:10PM
Quick question about the unlockable/secret charactersGaia09365/9 4:56AM
I used Treck for all five minutes of his sorry life. Hated every second.Willy_Wackr34/25 5:08PM
Pick My Units
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
wheeliecool1204/25 4:15PM
Is there a way to see Supports in-game?NefarioussNess64/19 11:58AM
Mistranslation for Shanna's name?NefarioussNess94/14 3:38PM
I used Garret for all two chaps of his sorry life. Was actually liking him :(Willy_Wackr34/14 12:30PM
Are you aware that a translated physical copy of this game is being sold online?Willy_Wackr94/14 10:40AM
I used Douglas for every second of his long, fruitful life. He's awesome.Willy_Wackr34/11 1:23PM
Gah, Niime is such a glass cannon against mamkutes.Willy_Wackr34/11 1:12PM
I feel like some of the antagonists didn't get enough development *SPOILERS*Willy_Wackr44/11 1:08PM
Why the f*** do they try to Berserk the healers?! WHY?!Willy_Wackr14/9 6:39PM
Tate is ALIVE, but I didn't recruit her. How will this affect CH 20?Willy_Wackr34/8 10:32AM
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