How to make your emulated copy of FE6 English v2

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User Info: doomsong123

9 years ago#1
The old version contained a few slight errors and I left out a piece of information. That's what I get for writing as soon as I get up.

Note to people who wish to mark me for this post: This post contains no links to ROMs or guides on how to get them. In fact, the word "ROM" is not mentioned at all, excluding the previous text. Thank you.

First of all, I made this topic to help people who don't know how to do this.

Step 1

Make sure you have a VisualBoyAdvance and the Fire Emblem 6 game. For ease of use, save them in the same folder so the VBA automatically opens the folder that the game is in when you hit "Open".

Step 2

Go to and download the "Patch version 2.0".

--This is a point where you can do one of two things. Only one of them is necessary.--

Step 3A

--If you chose this step, ignore all the others below it.--

Save the patch and game into the same folder and name them identically. For example, "fe6.gba" for the game and "fe6.ips" for the patch (.gba and .ips are the file extensions, you do not need to include them while renaming).

The next time you open your Fire Emblem 6 game in the VBA, it should be in English.

Note that this method isn't recommended because if you choose to move either the game or the patch file, it will become Japanese again. If you decide to move one file, be sure to move the other!

Step 3B

After downloading the patch, find a download for "LunarIPS" OR "IPSWin". Google should be fine for this, but I'll include a link. Note that you only need one, hence the "OR" above.

Both programs should be on there. For IPSWin, look for the name and click the 2.0 next to it. For Lunar, find the name (it should be four places under IPSWin) and download v1.00. I'm aware that other patchers probably work, but I'm sure that LunarIPS and IPSWin are both very easy to use and free of viruses, etcetera.

The file will be saved as a .zip. If you're inexperienced with .zip files, see the next post.

Step 4B

Extract and open LunarIPS/IPSWin.

In Lunar, click "Apply IPS patch". Find the folder you saved the patch to and double-click the patch when you see it. It's quite hard to miss, since Lunar marks all IPS files with a heart for the icon. Then locate the game and double-click it. LunarIPS should automatically patch the game for you.

If you chose and opened IPSWin, next to the field that says "File To Patch", there's a little folder icon. Click that, locate your game, and double-click it. Then in the field underneath that, the one that reads "IPS Patch To Use", click the folder icon and locate the patch, and double-click it.


Before you patch the file, you may keep a backup of the game in Japanese if you'd ever like to play it that way...for some reason. If you wish to do so, click "Backup Copy" in the bottom left of the screen.

Finally, underneath that, there's a button that says "Patch!" in red text. Click that when you're ready. After a few seconds, it should say "File patched successfully." and your game will be in English.

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User Info: doomsong123

9 years ago#2
For those inexperienced with .zip files

As stated above, the LunarIPS and IPSWin files will be saved as .zips. To make these files work and save them to your computer, you will need to download WinZip or WinRar. Once you have one of them, open the .zip file for LunarIPS or IPSWin inside WinZip or WinRar. Select the files you want by highlighting them with your mouse, then click "Extract" at the top of the window. Choose where you want the files to go, and hit "OK". Now go to the folder you extracted Lunar or IPSWin to and see Step 4B.

Again, I'm sorry if anyone finds this useless. If this could get stickied (though this board doesn't really need one), it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy your English game. <_<
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User Info: doomsong123

9 years ago#3
Bump from the iPod. xd
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User Info: Agent_Drake

9 years ago#4
This could use a sticky...
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User Info: Agent_Drake

9 years ago#5
I don't know if a topic telling people how to emulate a game would be allowed a sticky, but I could be wrong. Hope it gets one though...
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User Info: celltf

9 years ago#6
It should be...

The same topic gets made a lot in different formats (so to speak).
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User Info: kuiper_pkmn

9 years ago#7
Is it only possible to do this using VBA? Is there any way to directly apply the patch to the .gba file so that it can be played on a flashcart?

User Info: WongusAmongus

9 years ago#8
I think some people have been able to do that, but I wouldn't know how.
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User Info: doomsong123

9 years ago#9
To the top of the topic list with you, my friend.
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User Info: AtmaIllumina

9 years ago#10
How do you make your own dialogue for this game...or any game?
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