How do i properly download this game and in english

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User Info: brain_301

8 years ago#1
Hey everyone i joined so i could ask this question. i'd like to play this game after playing fire emblem the blazing sword. I've tried to downlaod this to my computer but i cant seem to get it. i also tried getting that vba rom but i dont know how to use it so i deleted everything to start from stratch. I saw a youtube video but it didnt work for me. If anyone could please post a step by step guide to download this game and in english i would apreciate it. thanks

User Info: CloudSith5060

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: NoNameAtAll

8 years ago#3
1. Open your web browser
2. Type in your address bar.
3. Search for how to do that stuff.
4. ???
5. Profit.
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User Info: Steel_Chair

8 years ago#4
The actual emulator and rom we can't give you. It'll be going against G-Faqs terms of service and will result in getting band. The best we can do is to tell you to Google it. Just search for Fire Emblem 6 roms and a GBA emulator. That's about as much as we can tell you.

The translation patch we can tell you where to go and get it from, since its not a part of the original game in any way.
The first thing you should do once you come across a FE6 rom is to download Lunar IPS. It's a small patching program and its pretty easy to use. You would want this since it applies patches in easy simple steps, and this program should work with any roms and patches(?) you get.
Link here:

The translation patch (among other patches) can be found on Serenesforest (great fan site) and the link to the patches can be found here.
Follow the Sword of Seals link, and scroll down to find Downloads: Patch Version 2.0 link and download it.

Once you have all the materials, the patching can begin.
1. Create a folder on the desktop, ( I call mine Patch Center) I only do this so the things that I want patched is in this folder. It makes it a lot easier to find.
2. Put Lunar IPS, the FE6 rom, and the patch in that folder.
3. Open up Lunar IPS, a little menu should appear. Select "Apply Patch"
4. A window should appear, find and open up your patch folder. You should see a heart with the name Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword after it.
5. Press Open
6. Find your Rom, select it
7. You're done! You now have applied the translation patch onto the rom! You can play the game in English. The only thing that isn't translated is the opening movie with the scrolling text, (and some other scrolling text) but everything else is in full translated glory!

For those who don't know how to work out Visual Boy Advance...
1. Open up Visual Boy
2. Go under the "File" tab, select "Open"
3. Find your rom folder, select the rom you want to play.
4. Done! To change your button configures just go under the "Options" tab, scroll to joypad, configure, then 1. Input your keys and enjoy the game!
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User Info: brain_301

8 years ago#5
Thank you for your help so far. I found one but when i try to use it after i download it, it comes up that windows cant open this file it needs to know what program created it. Do you know how to fix that?

User Info: Steel_Chair

8 years ago#6
Are you trying to open the rom by itself? (ie: double clicking it?) That's what might be causing some trouble.
You can only open up rom files through an emulator. Open up your GBA emulator, (most use Visual Boy Advance) and follow the steps above.
Now with 10% more steel!
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