Dieck and Oujay

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User Info: Amuki

8 years ago#1
i was going through chapter..10? (the one with lalum and echidna) i was pretty much done the chapter and then the 7 cavalier reinforcements came in and they went straight for my troop of wendy Dieck Thany Tate and ellen since dieck was the only really flexible unit in that small group he ended up nearly "one man army-ing" the 7 cavaliers unfortunately he died... i also lost a village in the process (no extra hero crest and dieck) so anyway to the point.

Is Oujay a good enough replacement for Dieck? or should i just restart and go through hell again?

in terms of final stats at about 20/10 will oujay be near dieck in strength, speed, and skill? (all that matters to me)

User Info: Vivekbob

8 years ago#2
...Not Really...
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User Info: CloudSith5060

8 years ago#3
Dieck is irreplaceable. He's one of the best units in the game, and there's no reason you shouldn't restart the chapter for him.
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User Info: DarkZakan7

8 years ago#4
Id say that Oujay is a good character. The thing is that even though Dieck and Oujay are both mercenarys they are a little different. What i mean by that is that Dieck is more of a tank with a good def who can survive enemy attacks well while Oujay is more about dodgeing the enemy's attacks.

User Info: Flamingace18

8 years ago#5
Dieck beats OJ just cuz he can drink him.
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