I will murder chapter 10B.

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User Info: legendarylemur

7 years ago#1


First off, there's so much crap going on everywhere that everything has to be in the right place or you're screwed on getting everything you wanted, namely the elysian whip for my sexy thany.

Second, the green units... are suicidal. If ONE out of FOUR (five if you count tate who you can't control until u somehow get klein that freeking on the other corner of the map to talk to her) pegasi dies, then I don't get the elysian whip. Seriously? Every single one of the pegasus knight can get one turned by the constantly spawning brigands that spawn right next to them. Even with massive RNG abusing, eventually, one dies, pissing me off, making me RNG abuse some moar, until it's just nearly impossible for them to survive. Besides, even if they survive that turn, they're still bound to die the next turn, locking themselves in an inevitable death. Personally, I don't give a crap about those green units, but if it means I don't get that elysian whip early in the game, then I have to care. RAAAAGEEE whose idea was this. Oh, did I mention that the archer green units can all of the sudden just not move, letting the cavalier spawns to pick them off easily? There goes the orion's bolt.

Third, Gonzales. He's 6 levels weaker than 10A. Whose idea was that?! Especially that he's only recruitable with Lilina, who's ridiculously fragile and underleveled and slow by this time.

Fourth, there are total of 3 recruitable units in this map. Not bad at all... right? Did I mention that they all happen to be enemy units? Also, because FE6 enemy spawns can move as soon as they appear, that means every single recruitable characters need to be lured using one of your units. However, Klein should be recruited with Clarine. See the problem there? Yeah, if you're not careful, Klein will easily one shot Clarine. Thany can turn the 5 enemy pegasi into green unit, but before that, thany can get surrounded by the 4 pegasi units. -_- yes that happened to me once. Gonzales recruiting isn't terribly hard, but if you wanna save the Lott/Wade villages in the northwest, u gotta go there FAST

Fifth, the freeking walls. 100 hp?! **** that... but if you wanna save the villages, you better break those walls. Trust me, the other ways becomes so infested with enemy units (especially those that can shoot thru walls) that the walls easily become the only viable way to get to the villages and the recruitable units in time.

Sixth, reckless rushing is mandatory. If you wanna recruit everybody and save all the villages and get all of the items at the end of the chapter, you have to do some major rushing, making you constantly surrounded by units. The units in the chapter aren't weak either. Some of them take 2 turns to kill even.

I guess I might say this is an interesting chapter, easily harder than most chapters of FE7 ENM and HNM, though it's extremely assholic and not recommended if you're a perfectionist like me. This chapter can screw you over sooooo easily.

Long story short, go for 10A. Seriously.

User Info: MalcolmMasher

7 years ago#2
On my current FE6 NM run, I went through the B route (because Bartre rules) and of course 10B was a pain. I tried a new trick I read about on Serenes Forest this time through; you can recruit Tate with Thany, but you have to talk to her twice, once before recruiting Klein and once after. This also means that Tate's Pegs will spend at least one turn attacking Thany, unless you can give them a better target - cross your fingers and hope she dodges. Another problem is that by the time the Pegs show up, Klein and his forces should be in the narrow corridor, so you'll need a combination of bait and luck to prevent the Archers from blocking Clarine's route to Klein.

On the plus side: you're recruiting Tate with a flyer now, so you don't need to worry about luring her into ground unit territory. The Pegs and Archers spend more time as enemies, so they have less chances to kill themselves in interesting ways, as long as you're careful to limit your counterattack abilities. And when you recruit the Archers, they're behind a nice little chokepoint you can use against those Cavaliers.

But if you want to get everything, you still need luck. :/ For the obvious, always-applies stuff - have you brought out Zealot and/or Marcus? The shine's definitely starting to wear off them at this point, but Zealot should still be one of your best combat units, and Marcus a solid one.

Also, I cannot emphasize this enough: If one of those damn Pegs looks like they're about to do something suicidal, i.e. "there is an enemy anywhere near them", Rescue. Do not allow them to get themselves killed, because as you have observed, it is a task they fall to with gleeful abandon. If you're having trouble keeping Lilina alive after recruiting Gonzales, Rescue her too, and either Take/Drop outside of enemy range or have the cavalry that grabbed her skedaddle. Both, even, if actions permit.

In fairness, B Gonzales isn't worse than A Gonzales _right now_, they have to get some EXP under their respective belts before there's an actual stat difference. (Although A Gonzales has +1 axe rank, which is just a slap in the face.) I do not know why they chose to make one version of him clearly better than the other.

On the topic of the A route, 11A Echidna just loooves to not dodge and get herself killed by the FIghters she starts next to. I shake my fist at whoever decided she should join with a Steel Axe (-12 Avd for her) instead of an Iron Sword. Heck, even an Iron/Hand Axe would be better, not to mention any sword at all. It's probably not as bad as 10B, mind you.

User Info: legendarylemur

7 years ago#3
That was... the most absurd FE level I've ever played

A few hundred RNG abuse later... I have finally gotten perfect run on this level. Damn green units and their stupid suicidal grumble grumble.

In the end, I rescued every single one of the green units, and got Lott to get the special items, and rescued all of the villages, recruited tate and klein, and got the two items in the end.

Just take the 10A route. Bartre can just... yea.

User Info: __AHS__

7 years ago#4
Bud, 11a is the EXACT same thing, except with the whole Lot/Ward thing.

Plus, I'm not sure if 10b has the glitches that have Tate/Klein inexplicably stay in the EXACT same spot while their untouchable soldiers suicide into Dieck. It's a pain in the ass when Klein does it and an auto-restart if Tate does it.

Oh, and about the NPCs, rescue them. By the time you get them, you should be able to keep enemies off the four rescuers in time for them to get to the part where they leave. Or, if you're in NM, Echidna can rescue one and survive pretty well, as can promoted Lance/Alan/Dieck.

And if there's ever danger of Klein killing Clarine, you haven't used her (Or you're using her without Rutger), which equals shame.
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User Info: GreatEclipse

7 years ago#5
Yeah, I played 11A on HM recently, and Echidna was dropped down to 1 HP the same turn she appeared. I would avoid HM entirely for this game without save states.

User Info: __SomeEBfan__

7 years ago#6
11 is hell on NM even with Save states.

Hardest chapter Ever. And people say 5 is even harder. damn.
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User Info: __AHS__

7 years ago#7
Yeah, I played 11A on HM recently, and Echidna was dropped down to 1 HP the same turn she appeared. I would avoid HM entirely for this game without save states.

Why? It's not like being hard is a problem. That's the point.

11a in HM isn't much harder than it is in NM. You can manipulate where Echidna/the fighters spawn by placing units in certain spots to make it so she won't be killed.
Sexism is wrong, and being wrong is for women.

User Info: Distant_Rainbow

7 years ago#8
Chapter 5 was hard? Seriously?
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User Info: SnarfBoyWonder

7 years ago#9
Is this the one with Lalum? or did you get the bard guy? Cause this level does suck. I don't even have thany making it much harder.
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User Info: occupation_bob

7 years ago#10
Nothing is hard with save states. I beat NINJA GAIDEN 1 and 2, because I had save states. Do not underestimate the save states!!!
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