Misc Sprite Sheets?

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User Info: MyollnirCatra

7 years ago#1
Hey, does anyone know where I can find misc sprites for this game? Like the text, the backgrounds, effects, explosions, ect? Spriter's Resource has some sprites of the characters, just not all those things. If anyone can point me in the direction of those sheets, or even rip them for me, It'd be much appreciated.
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User Info: JaY_MaC102

7 years ago#2
I wish I could help. I've tried to find the sprites for a lot of things from this game, unsuccessfully.

Hopefully you have better luck then I did.

User Info: SSJ2 Dark

SSJ2 Dark
7 years ago#3
This guy does some good work:


I've also captured some sprites, let me know what you're looking for and I'll check my files.
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User Info: __Arthur__

7 years ago#4
you can search on dbz vortex search it,just look for them on google

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