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User Info: blainehan

6 years ago#1
I know I know, wrong board. The other board is dead. I can't seem to find any working sites that have the current rosters (or any semi updated rosters) or like maybe even a guide on how to play TEW 2005 and maybe directions on how to install the updates I do eventually get. Anyone can help me?
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User Info: lattss

6 years ago#2
I would also like to learn some of the answers to the TC's questions.
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User Info: SomeonesPC

6 years ago#3
This site should help:

PM me with questions, I'm no expert, but have some hours logged.
is the game maker's site, board is dead there too; but you can still ask.

User Info: Rocky_Feller

6 years ago#4 has pretty much anything that can be obtained for TEW2005. including tutorials on mod installs etc.

User Info: geno_16

6 years ago#5

^^ The topic for an April TEW2005 real world update, complete with wrestler pics, belts and logos

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