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User Info: PushySoft

12 years ago#1
This topic was created to help people find out where to download Extreme Warfare Revenge and the many utilities, scenarios and other miscellaneous things used to boost the experience of playing this wonderful game. It was also created to stop people from frequently making topics asking "Where can I download [insert filename here]?"

Easy-to-navigate german site which has EWR 4.2 (if you don't have 4.0 download this, since it's 4.0 with the 4.2 update included with it), RaveX picture packs and RaveX updates. Also has a few other things I'm probably forgetting. Don't let the fact that it's german get to you, because even if you don't know any german it's SO easy to navigate the site.
And to sort out confusion that a couple of people have had lately, EWR4.2 is not strictly speaking an update. It was officially called "Version 4.0, Update 2" by Adam since it only fixed a few bugs, and no new features were added. We only call it 4.2 to keep the naming trend on (since previous versions of the game were 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 etc.)

This site has replaced yuanttitude_me. You can find scenarios from 1985-2003, Arsenic 4.4 and 4.5 and a few other miscellaneous scenarios.

If you get an error that says you need a dll file.

EWR Downloads, 'nuff said

More EWR Downloads, 'nuff said

Here you can find Arsenic 4.5, RaveX34, KEU, several scenarios (including the only two GameFAQs scenarios in existence), loading screens and more.

The latest in the long line of RaveX updates, RaveX34.

If you happen to get an 'empty zip' after downloading something, this might help you
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User Info: codey

12 years ago#2
Jesu Christo!
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User Info: PushySoft

12 years ago#3
Don't start flaming me for creating another topic...I've added all of the links, changed all relevant parts so that it's up-to-date, and I just applied for it to be stickied...here's hoping.
Dali's vast knowledge of EWR in all forms is intimidating - Horny Toad Gangsta

User Info: WordLife19

12 years ago#4
Get this made into a sticky
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User Info: TheManInTheCoat

12 years ago#5
^ Amen.
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User Info: The Roll

The Roll
12 years ago#6

It's a sticky! I think...
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User Info: qpeedore

12 years ago#7
Yep, it's a sticky now.
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User Info: PushySoft

12 years ago#8
It took a day and a half for them to get round to it, but this is now a sticky :)
Dali's vast knowledge of EWR in all forms is intimidating - Horny Toad Gangsta

User Info: thatICONguy

12 years ago#9

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User Info: HakuMan111386

12 years ago#10
This is the second sticky that I'vr EVER seen posted on GameFAQs. Well done. :)
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