Are there any other "RPG-like" Yugioh games?

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  3. Are there any other "RPG-like" Yugioh games?

User Info: Lord ZhouYu

Lord ZhouYu
7 years ago#1
As much as I like the card game, it's more the actual monsters that I like. Particularly the Dark Magician and DMG. And with the more recent games focusing on Yusei and whoever else instead of Yugi, Tea, etc., I'm not so interested in them. Are there any other "non-card" Yugioh games like this one?

The Black Luster Ritual only works on the Dark Magician, not Dark Magician #2, right?

If I use the ritual on the DM, then play through Yugi's campaign again, will I get another DM? I like Yugi's over Arcana's :/

And a minor complaint: They should've put Dark Paladin in this game.
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User Info: android3q

7 years ago#2
To my knowledge, there aren't any other games like this. This game wasn't very popular with a lot of Yugioh fans because it isn't a card game. The Black Luster Ritual does not work on Dark Magician #2, but don't worry, you can get another Dark Magician if you play through Yugi's campaign again.

User Info: Aumaan99

7 years ago#3
dont forget gia. but no there isnt any other game like this i wish there was. i mean this game is one of my favorites. they could make anotherone if they wanted. maybe with the sacredbeasts vs. the god cards that would be kicka** and definetly with some of the newer monsters.
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  3. Are there any other "RPG-like" Yugioh games?

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