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User Info: Big_Ownage

5 years ago#1
How do you guys level up your character? When I was a kid, I leveled him up so that all of the stats were perfectly even. I just thought about this game and am getting ready to play it now after 20 years and I am wondering if I should specialize him in something instead of making him a jack of all trades. Thanks in advance for your advice!

User Info: Rabite

5 years ago#2
I usually increases stats evenly, but have seen a few posts mentioning specializing solely on one stat. Sounds like an interesting way to play. Will and Wisdom seem to be the harder way to go, with stamina being easiest.
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User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#3
Doing nothing except Vit levelups will let you slaughter everything, as even bosses will do pathetic damage. I haven't played long enough to see what happens after Vit hits 99, though...
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