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User Info: _Kaz

5 years ago#11
Since the WSC boards are barren, I'd like to posit the question here.
How many runs should it take to fill out the Monster Gallery? Theoretically it should be three (you must eat Sei-Ryu for the lowest three forms of Dragons), but I have a feeling it could be two. Somehow.

I know the game doesn't allow that (because you need three attempts at Sei-Ryu), but is there a bug out there that lets you "recycle" Sei-Ryu1?
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User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#12
Now, now; you know that dragons are far too awesome to be reached with the meat of common mooks! XD Seriously, though, according to the GB FFL faq there's a bigger problem:

These have a party level of 4, 4 and 5 respectively, but it doesn't seem
to be possible to transform into them, ever. This means either they have
target levels of 3, 3 and 4 respectively (or less), or they don't have
target levels at all; either way, you can't get them. Any combination
that leads to their groups is good enough to reach the next highest

So unless they changed things, it's not possible to finish the bestiary. And if they did, they may have reduced it to one playthrough.
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User Info: Ramza1

5 years ago#13
According to Tower Reversed, those monsters have become available in the WSC version, though I suppose it will still be up to you to figure out how to get them.

This meat transformation chart handles things a little differently than the one on GameFAQs, but at the end of the page, it lists the changes to the WSC version's monsters, so if it's accurate, you should be good to go.

As for _Kaz's actual question: I'm afraid I've never played the WSC version. It looks like it never got popular enough to be completely dissected by the GameFAQs community.
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User Info: _Kaz

5 years ago#14
Hou, no need to get _formal. The name's changed, but the account's the same (so's the sig) -- just "Kaz" works... until I meet up with the user Kaz on the FF1 boards.

Thanks for pointing me out to TR's site; they have another patch posted (that adds Fiends1 to the transformation list... even though you'll never get Fiends1 meat) -- still, the game requires at least 3 runs through. In my first run, I used a 2-monster party and managed to nab all the transformations save for Dragon1 and Dragon3. (Dragon4 is easily obtained by recruiting one at the last Guild.)

I'm about to finish run 2, which is annoying since I went with a more traditional Hu/Mu/Mu/Mo party and totally forgot how annoying those guys are to power up. Mutants' stat growth is still very erratic and feels like it slows down if you have multiple Mutants. A solo-Mutant reaches all-99 before Byak-ko, but two? They only have 30 AGI and 500 HP right before Tower2. (And getting 999 HP for a human? Ugh.)

Even though it looks prettier than the original GB version and is more friendly (auto-aiming and a separate inventory for story items), the more I play SaGa, the more I appreciate SaGa2. Also, TR's patch is pretty sweet. The only glitches you'll see are some text-clipping issues in the shops during Suzaku's floor-16.

And another note... according to the meat FAQ that Atma quoted, those monsters are unobtainable from the US version, right? Did anyone test that out with the JP version of the GB SaGa? (The one that was un-modified and had 1-use Glass Sword, etc.)
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User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#15
I don't see any reason why the japanese version would be different.

Sure, they may have managed to break things at some point, but...
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User Info: BareknuckleRoo

5 years ago#16
And another note... according to the meat FAQ that Atma quoted, those monsters are unobtainable from the US version, right?

The monsters you can't access in the GB version are completely unremarkable, so it wouldn't make much of a difference whether or not this only affects the US version or not, aside from being an odd little version change. It sounds like the WSC records what monsters you've transformed into, so it's notable there because if the bug still existed you wouldn't be able to complete those entries.

User Info: _Kaz

5 years ago#17
Darn. Either I'm rushing things too much or there isn't anything unlocked after completing the Monster Gallery. I was hoping for something somewhere to be unlocked. Maybe a sound-test room like the GB original has. Or a new ending. Or better starting characters for New Games. Not even chime or pop-up to acknowledge the completion.

Some other glitches inherent inthe WSC version:

-Do NOT confuse enemies; their single attacks against your party become hit-alls.
-The final samurai, PsiSoldier, will use PsiShield.... on your party.
-The final samurai, PsiSoldier, can TOSS shield items; yes they do damage you about as much as his other weapons.
-The stacked martial-arts glitch remains; thank goodness for human SCCC in Water-World.
-Speaking of SCC games, instead of OOO showing up for other party members, you just wind up talking to yourself. The first time you look like a MPD patient is during the eve of the plutonium raid. The ending talk (from Ashura to the credits) is also weird since the scripts used still call for four members.
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User Info: BareknuckleRoo

5 years ago#18
Isn't confuse broken in the GB version too? I recall the Staff you can buy in the world of ruins (before everyone in the town gets killed) casts confuse and it did something really bizarre like cause enemies to start hitting all party members or something. This was at least a few years ago; I haven't touched a Staff since.

User Info: Lucid717

5 years ago#19
I'd actually think that a 4 Mutant party would be the easiest/quickest way possible to beat the game. In my playthrough's my Mutant was always far more powerful than my humans early-mid game... especially early on. It carried my party. It was only after much grinding to buy HP & Agi. (using agility based weapons) that my humans finally caught up. But with 4 Mutants this grinding wouldn't be necessary.

You'd become really powerful really quick if you kept switching the party order around, as someone else suggested.

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