Random Jorgandr encounters?

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User Info: Ramza1

5 years ago#1
I was going back through the Underworld Passage and I encountered Jorgandr twice in a row as if he was a normal enemy! At that point in the game, killing him a couple of extra times is no trouble at all, but it still really surprised me.

Is this a known feature/glitch? Has this (or something similar) happened to anybody else?

I know there's supposedly an ultra rare glitch encounter with the final boss in FFL2, but I've never seen that. This Jorgandr thing happened twice in a row and I've never heard of anything like it happening in this game.
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User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#2
That never happened to me; it definitely sounds like a glitch, seeing as said boss is not supposed to be there...
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User Info: zoogelio

5 years ago#3
Nope, it's a random encounter, albeit a rare one, in the Crevasse. I have encountered it twice in a row there. I was trying to establish an encounter table there. The game's programming is very tricky, unlike FFL1-2 so I was ultimately unsuccessful but yes, Jorgandrs do appear there.

The only random encounter bosses are WaterHag & Jorgandr.

Just one of the many secrets of this game that hasn't really been probed very much.

User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#4
Then I stand corrected. It still seems really weird, though...
Nagas on a plane! ^_^

User Info: _Kaz

5 years ago#5
The denizens of the Underworld towns even talk about Jorgandr returning after heading to the surface don't they? I've encountered the giant worm underground... I don't recall hearing any "boss music", but I'm pretty sure I wasn't able to run away.

Zoogelio, did you randomly encounter WaterHags or from the cursed town of Muu?
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User Info: zoogelio

5 years ago#6
Can't recall if there was boss music or not.

I can't remember if Muu has random encounters of WaterHags or forced-only but I do know some of the underwater ships can have battles with 2 and even 3 WaterHags at a time. The underwater map itself might have some. I'd have to check my encounter notes.

User Info: zoogelio

5 years ago#7
Checked my notes, WaterHag are random encounters in these locations. They can come in packs of 1, 2, 3, or even 4! Numbers vary depending on location.

Present- Underwater (2nd time around)
Future- Underwater
Shipwreck E of Elan (FU only)
Shipwreck E of Southwest Island (FU only)
Shipwreck S of South Tower (PR, FU)
Shipwreck E of Viper City (FU)
Shipwreck W of South Tower (FU)

In the town of Muu, they are only fixed encounters.

The battles are sometimes cut kind of weird, with out of place battles appearing in areas, like a Landworm battle underwater, or that tiny hallway in the Twin Towers has Sky enemies.

User Info: dooper5

5 years ago#8
Useful stuff, thanks.

User Info: redtide1962

5 years ago#9
I have most certainly had this "random Jorgandr" encounter before, although it only happened once and after defeating it I saved and turned my game off for a few hours.

This was nearly nine years ago, mind you, but I distinctly recall the fear that overwhelmed me when this happened during my second playthrough of this game, although I had been prepared for him and understood his "weakness" compared to other similar bosses around this point in time. To think that the thing that gave me such trouble on my first playthrough was for some reason being found in random encounters... I didn't know what to think.

Twice in a row, though... that is something.
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