My only problem with this game

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User Info: Zeekfox

8 years ago#11
Yeah, there are some slight variations in things that seemingly do the same thing. Black Hole, for example, is physically trying to destroy the targets, whereas Holocaust attempts to make the targets drop dead. Both outright kill what they work on, but because the method of killing is different, Holocaust won't affect a machine, while Black Hole will.
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User Info: NeoElfboy

8 years ago#12
Medice can heal anyone, not just biological targets. Otherwise, the list looks pretty good. Lacks some mechanical info (check the mechanics FAQ, or Freshfeeling's PS4 site if you want the real nitty-gritty) like exactly how strong the various attacks are, but it's a solid list.
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User Info: alysbrangwin

8 years ago#13
Medice gets me through the Garuberk Tower every time.
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User Info: orius

8 years ago#14
And yeah, most of the older game boards are full of good posters, so you are correct.

Most of the older game boards have more mature posters, so you're more likely to get help than pointless snark. The really immature gamers think any game older than 3 or 4 years is too old to be cool, so you won't see them hanging around 3rd and 4th generation boards. And the 2nd gen boards are more or less dead, where they haven't been hijacked.

Anyway, the very long list of skills and spells, err techs in this game does get confusing. I did copy the stuff out of one of the FAQs, but with the skills especially there's a lot of seeming duplication. The technical guide has some good info too, but I've only skimmed it a bit.
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