Poll of the Day. Remembering Phantasy Star! *possible spoilers*

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User Info: Kevinroth666

4 years ago#1
Just looking at the poll of the day and although I'm sure some stats are skewed... 50% of gamefaqs users haven't played a phantasy star game? I'm blown away!

I've been playing the series for as long as I've been playing video games, I remember playing Phantasy Star along side Mario.

But Phantasy Star 4 was a game changer for me, I remember it almost became an obsession and I still love it to this day; it ranks in my top games of all time. I was renting it all the time because I couldn't find a copy anywhere, and eventually (before roms/emulation really became popular and accessible) just convinced the store owner to sell me his only copy. Now today, I own the Sega Collection for PS3 and still enjoy Phantasy Star 4.

I was really sad when everyone favorite heroine died, and REALLY frustrated when trying to confront Zio. I completely didn't remember being told how to get past his barrier, so I was coming up with all sorts of crazy plans on how to do it. I remember finally thinking I has it figured out. So I went to the souvenir shop and bought a replica Alys sword and equipped it on Chaz. I thought that maybe in having a reminder of Alys, somehow his love would ut through the barrier. I still laugh thinking about that.

Just being Nostalgic I guess. And thought it would be interesting for us to share some Phantasy Star memories; anyone have any of their own?

User Info: Amenonuhoko

4 years ago#2
The very first RPG that I played was PS1
But I didn't have it so I really started on the series with PSII, then played PS1 on my Power Base Converter.

I think that PSIV is fun but there's something that I cannot place my finger on that makes me like it less than PSI&II
But I did have multiple nerdgasms from all the references to the first game.
Bringing back the Land Rover, Hovercraft, Ice Digger, Eclipse Torch, Myau, the statue of Alis and Myau, Lashiec, remixed music and most of all, Rune
Got plenty of chill bumps playing this, still do with Rune and remixed music

Disappointed though. Where's the Odin love?
All I remember was a pic in the Elsydian scene, but that shows everybody.
Winners don't lose drugs.
CO, WA...We'll kill marijuana prohibition one state at a time if we must.
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  3. Poll of the Day. Remembering Phantasy Star! *possible spoilers*

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