After almost beating this game about 10 times

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User Info: BlueMage279

4 years ago#1
I'm finally going to finish it this playthrough. Should I play the first 3 games as well? Are they worth playing?
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User Info: Amenonuhoko

4 years ago#2
1 is
2 is good but hasn't aged well
3 is a side story and don't like it, but some do so it's worth a shot.

None are really required to enjoy this one,
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User Info: CaptinNemo

4 years ago#3
I would recommend playing them all. If nothing else because there good games. But it also helps explain the references to the other games in PSIV.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

4 years ago#4
They were all fairly good in their time but Phantasy Star IV has aged the best by far. Finish it first and then see how you feel.
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User Info: runewalshPSiv

4 years ago#5
I love phantasy star IV. Number 1 rpg in my book.
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User Info: KarsUltimate

4 years ago#6
Yes I is one fantastic RPG, but the enemies don't keep the challenge up too much (no status effects and they only have one attack) and there's no incentive to get to the highest levels.

With II, in that regard, there's only Shir and NaGra (well and maxing Amy's TP for NaSar)...

If all III was about was Wren and its abilities it would be bloody awesome but it's not, and that doesn't come into play until far in...

It's often been said that III was rushed, but I'm positive the same is true for II. The cost of techniques in relation is very iffy (such as GiThu being 13 TP and NaFoi being 12 TP), a number of stats don't do anything, etc.

Not until IV was the agility stat all that meaningful. And the first didn't even have a speed stat! But at the same time... IV doesn't have footwear, and stats max out at 99... How curious! ^_^
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  3. After almost beating this game about 10 times

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