Land effects?

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User Info: 1FS

6 years ago#1
Despite the million times I've played through this game, I never got around to figuring out what these are and what they do.

Anyone know?
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User Info: Ceebs

6 years ago#2
They either affect movement range or damage done by weapons and spells, I think. There's my imprecise answer... :s

User Info: ehow22

6 years ago#3
They don't affect spells but the rest is right.
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User Info: Egxamer1

6 years ago#4
first off some classes have loaded movement tables and certain terrain tiles ex: desert have loaded terrain effects.

ex: centaurs treat all 'grassland' type of tiles as zero land effect meaning if your paladin is surrounded by 7 squares of grass in all directions you'll see quite the movement range. dwarves treat hills/desert as 15% and wolfbarons treat forests as centaurs treat grasslands, etc etc.

ugly math version basically reads iirc: take your base move and begin subtracting the % of the adjacent tile follow by the next tile in a outward manner and once the percentages become too great ( over 50%) for your movement (+class considerations & terrain features) you become stopped in that particular direction.

to sum up quickly: what determines a character's movement is:
base move score
surrounding terrain in a opening circle
character's class
impassable objects(enemies,mountains,story battle items, etc)

This was all listed over a decade ago in a guide or a thread that had tables showing all classes vs all terrains and the math was presented well. . . doubt i could locate it though it was pre merger lol
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